FP4 and (unofficial) LineageOS

Doesn’t LineageOS ship SeedVault as well, which should be able to back up SMS, settings, calls, contacts and (most) of the apps + config? :thinking:

You can use that with Nextcloud or any filesystem based solution like syncthing.

(You will still need Neo Backup for apps, that have backups disabled in their manifest.xml)

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neo needs root, was excited when I first saw this. Use a local baikal server for contacts and calendar, fantastic upgrade.

I’ve been trying to follow this thread since it was opened and am using my Fairphone for a year now.
I know that it’s not easy to answer when LineageOS will be officially be available for FP4, therefore let me ask it differently:
With the current state, would you just start using the unofficial builds (like nearly everyone in this thread), or just try and wait a couple of weeks more?
I’m at a point where I’m really considering to start working with the unofficial build because I have some other plans in mind that I wanted to do, but waited for a moment where I “reset” the phone anyway.
I will also try to follow up on the recent replies over the weekend, but would really appreciate some feedback.

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I am in the same boat as you. Once the FP4 lands in LOS proper (merged after code review), I do not see any real reason to stay with the Fairphone releases, due to the lag in those releases.

Basically, I would wait for either hell to freeze over and magically Android 12 appears, or just wait (it’s almost done) for the FP4 to land in the LineageOS.

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I honestly don’t see the point of not going to unofficial builds as they pretty much work perfectly.
Moreover, as discussed a bit higher in this thread, the process to upgrade from unofficial to official without wiping is pretty much just a matter of running a script, so there’s really no point in waiting forever if what you really want is LOS.


@tripplehelix The problem with seedvault is already fixed. I have a working build here that I would like to share but currently cannot upload anything to androidfilehost because their upload function is broken for me. Contacted their support already two weeks ago but no one replied so far.

So far LOS 20 is stable for me. I upgraded from LOS 19.1 on October 10, which was stable before too. The only issue that all custom roms have currently is that not all features of the camera are usable: Camera & Camera2 API - missing features & bugs
If a limited camera is fine for you, I would say try out an unofficial build. As @Aaanze already said, once the FP4 gets offical LOS 20 support it should be just a matter of running a script to migrate: FP4 and LineageOS - #383 by mmustermann and FP4 and LineageOS - #386 by mmustermann


In my experience, LOS 19 is stable on the FP4, with only a few minor glitches (such as the home screen occasionally leaving space for the notch on the right although the phone is in portrait mode). As far as I know, the only reason it was not released officially is that LOS 20 is just around the corner and the devs did not want to maintain LOS 19 for just a couple of weeks.

Whether this unofficial LOS is a good choice for you depends on your use case and how much risk you are going to take. Mine was that I had just bought the FP4, replacing my OnePlus One (running LOS 18), I wanted to stay with LOS and never used the official Fairphone OS.

If you are already using your FP4 with the official OS, the question is – do you need any particular LOS features, which the official OS lacks? If so – you’d be switching over to an OS which is fairly stable, but there is no official support – the LOS folks will not accept bug reports for any device which is not officially supported. If you don’t have a particular need to switch over, then I would personally wait for an official release, since I am a cautious person and would rather not touch a running system.


IMHO always jumping to the bleeding edge doesn’t help to get a stable system. Stability should have priority over the latest features. It would have been a better decision to get LOS 19 ready and feature complete before continuing with the next tasks …

I have my FP4 now in productive use with the stock Rom, although I would much rather have official LOS. With that situation I’m also much less likely to be able to contribute to the development and testing, since I can’t switch Roms every other day.


OMG, I did it, and I’m surprised how easy it was for me!

I’m now sitting in front of my freshly install LOS 20 from @mmustermann with mindthegapps (13) and starting to setting it up.
No matter how many issues might still be in front of me, I’m super thankful for this forum and its community!

Thanks for all those nice and cool contributions that also enable an Android noob like me to have a smooth running system of their choice!

Edit: Getting permission errors while e.g. trying to download and install fdroid.
Edit2: Seems to be something I missed with the instructions for the LOS 20 build (I foolishly ignored the error libfs-mgr tune2f is missing because the format data still “completed”). As it’s after 1AM for me now I’m trying the same with the version 19 recovery which seems to work (at least not showing that error)) - Sorry, already a sleepy, but too excited to let the topic sleep for now :smiley:



I have in the idea to install the LOS 20 from mmustermann during the week-end. But unfortunately it seems that the download server is no more accessible for the LOS 20 releases.

@mmustermann have you any news from Android File Host regarding the upload of your last release?
Also the release of the 10.10.2022 seems to be unaccessible.

Is there any solution to get a release?

Thank you in advance for your feedback

Not sure what you mean by the download server not being accessible.
Looks fine to me:

Or did I misunderstand something?

Oups sorry, it seems that the issue was on my side.

I get a message that the page is not accessible. But after clearing the cache of my browser the link is working again.

So my last question to @mmustermann is do you have any news from Android File Host regarding your issue to upload your last release?
Is there a chance to get your release of the 20.10.2022?

Thanks for your feedback

Sadly androidfilehost didn’t reply yet.

I’m currently compiling a new build for November. Will share that instead.

I’m planning to upload my new builds to https://ufile.io/ until my upload issue is resolved. However, they will only stay online for 30 days. Does anyone know a better alternative that hosts files longer, doesn’t restrict downloads and isn’t shady?

Thanks for your quick reply. I look forward to trying this new release.
Until now I’m very happy with your release of LOS19. 1

Maybe there is Mega. But I don’t know the details of the limitations for the free account. It’s not clear the amount of data transfer for the free account.
And I don’t know how this cloud is serious or not

New LOS 20 build for November is up. LOS 19.1 will follow soon.


Ufile.io - 1668120527

sha256sum lineage-20.0-20221110-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip recovery-20.0-20221110-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.img 
7c9704725843126f1b22d44ebe5cb5d24ee86b43a104454a2ba48773addced1f  lineage-20.0-20221110-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip
384019eeb57fd7d2ee58baefe36360ae727cf0adaf5b9260c760615d9cfba8d3  recovery-20.0-20221110-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.img

Hey, wanted to ask whether anyone has a clue why SafetyNet fails with CTS profile mismatch using microG on the LOS 20 November (or any other) build provided by @mmustermann above? I’ve spoofed the device ro.build.fingerprint, ro.build.version.security_patch, and model (i. e., enforced BASIC key attestation) properties through MagiskHidePropsConf. The fingerprint is derived from the latest Fairphone OS build for FP3 (Fairphone/FP3/FP3:11/8901.4.A.0017.3/gms-15368f27:user/release-keys), as is the security patch date (2022-10-05). I also have Universal SafetyNet Fix installed (although I assume this to be superfluous given my usage of MagiskHidePropsConf’s BASIC key attestation?).

How are you upgrading? I seem to be having issues each time I try. Gapps crashing and now bootloops. I’m sideloading the new .zip is this wrong?

Flashed the new recovery, then the new lineage update. Rebooted then reflashed MindTheGapps and it now works. Some apps still crash, not sure why or what they have in common.

I’ve been using mmustermann’s builds since he started to upload them, never had any issue.

Only thing is, I proceed with extra steps since for some reason los recovery refuses to flash any GApps version on my device.

Everytime there’s a new build I do the following:

  • flash LOS recovery
  • adb sideload los_build
  • flash TWRP recovery
  • wipe cache/dalvik
  • adb sideload NikGApps
  • flash patched_boot (for root)
  • reboot

and it always goes flawlessly.

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Since I don’t use any SafetyNet related features myself, I probably won’t be able to help you. But why are you using the Fingerprint of FP3 for FP4? Could that be the problem?

I upgrade by rebooting into revovery and flashing the new zip via adb sideload. Never had issues. But I don’t use gapps either.

Currently compiling LOS 19.1. If no one complains this will be my last 19.1 build, since LOS 20 seems to be fully functional now.

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