FP4 and get update for microG

Hello o/

I use #FP4 with #fdroid on #FPOS

Sunday, i have get an update for #microG
version founded by f-droid : 22.09.20(150400-xxx)
bump to
any previous update available for me (I have my fp4 since 9 month now, and last update is dated on 01/02/22)

no root, no installed by me
any information about that ? no found on community except for install/use it.

At this time, I don’t apply it.

Thank you,

You can just ignore that (select it in F-Droid → ⋮ → “Ignore All Updates”).

microG uses the same signature as Play Services to provide its functionality, so F-Droid has picked up your real Google Play Services and thinks it’s microG.
If you search for your old build number, you’ll find that that corresponds to Google Play Services.

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Thank you for this information. I will apply on f-droid

If you mean installing it, don’t, that won’t work. It’s a false positive, you have to update the real Google Play Services through the Google Play Store (or Aurora Store).

You have the real Google Play Services app installed.
MicroG is an open source app that pretends to be the Google Play Services app, for people who want more privacy.

F-Droid thinks MicroG is installed because it uses the same package name - which I think is com.google.android.gms - and that’s how it distinguishes apps from each other.

But you can’t just simply install MicroG over the top of the real Google Play Services app. It won’t work like that. You would have to remove the Google Play Services app, and install MicroG as a system app, and make sure it has the right permissions for things, etc. And you would have to reinstall it again every time there’s an update to Android.

The easiest way to replace it with MicroG would be to find a ROM that already includes MicroG.

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Oh yes, sorry, i apply to ignore all updates :pray:

I planned to migrate to /e/ OS when I have the time for that.

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