FP4 (256GB/8GB RAM) + screen protector + 5-year warranty

What product(s) are you offering?

  • Fairphone 4 (256GB / 8GB RAM) grey boxed, unopened
  • official Fairphone screen protector (choice between blue light or privacy filter) boxed, unopened
  • 5-year warranty effective through 25 May 2028

At what price are you willing to sell?

The whole package is £525 / €575, negotiable.

From where would you be shipping (country or city)?

Oxford, UK. Shipping only within the UK / EU, at buyer’s risk and expense; returns not possible.

Photo(s) of the product(s):

Other, remarks:

I bought a Fairphone 4 in May 2023 and validated the 5-year warranty. I was sent a replacement handset at the end of Aug 2023, which I am selling because I have since decided to upgrade to the Fairphone 5.

The warranty now applies to the replacement handset and can be transferred to the buyer.

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just to let you know that one can get a new FP4 from Clove.UK (with a flipcase it seems) plus a protector, with a possibility of return, for 532 GBP

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Thanks @Meaghan, from what I see the price for the equivalent model (256GB / 8GB RAM) is £599.00, and the screen protector is not included:

The price for the lower spec model (128GB / 6GB RAM) is £539.99, and the screen protector is also not included:

Apologies, I did not expect the UK based company to have a different price for Polish customers

This is my source

  • I edited the post as initially I chose FP5 Protector by mistake, it was 1 GBP cheaper
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Alas, the UK is expensive :sob: These are the prices I get for the screen protectors:

Perhaps these are taxes related issues…
Not sure if this is any consolation but for my holidays UK stay also turned a bit expensive

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Possibly taxes and / or the way the exchange rate is calculated :thinking:

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