FP3 With /E/ OS not working with Vodafone APN

I have a problem using the FP3 on /E/ OS that with 3G data downloads work, while enablIng LTE+ there is no possibility to download apps or large video attachments in Whatsapp or Signal.

I am using Vodafone NL SIM card and have the APN settings on live.vodafone.com

Spone.pelephone.net.il and ziggo.dataxs.mobi APNs work well. Anyone experiencing similar Vodafone APN issues on /E/ OS?

Does browsing the web work fine? How is the LTE signal strength? Try to change your location to see if it makes a difference.

Browsing the Internet goes slow. I see full Vodafone LTE coverage in different locations and abroad. It just seems verrrrry slow with the vodafone APN selected.

Have you set user/password to vodafone/vodafone? VF has a very detailed instruction at

You could also give office.vodafone.com a try (found that APN on numerous websites, but cannot try myself since I live in Germany). If that does not work, I would contact their support. Maybe a SIM swap can help.

Otherwise, /e/ might also be the culprit here. It is still beta software officially (see their FAQ, q “Is /e/ stable?”).