FP3 Wi-fi hotspot with MacOS


I’ve been trawling through the forums looking for a solution to this.

My Fairphone 3 can connect (via USB tethering and Wi-fi hotspot) and be recognised by my MacBook Air but not actually access the internet…

My phone has full 4G signal, using it now to post. Since I got this phone (Oct 2019) I have never been able to successfully hotspot.

If anyone can offer me a solution I would be so grateful!

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Can any other device use your Fairphone as a hotspot succesfully?

Hi Incanus, as with the laptop, it can successfully connect but not access the internet. Tried on phones and windows laptops.

Sorry, but I don’t understand :confused:.

That was the problem, you described already.

What did you try? My question was, whether your Fairphone hotspot works with other devices.

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Sorry for being unclear. No, the hotspot has not been used successfully with other devices. They experience the same issue as I have with my laptop - they connect fine but cannot access the internet.

Try readding the APN settings (Settings→Network and Internet→Mobile data→(Advanced)→APNs). You should find the right ones on your operator’s website.

I have never been able to make tethering work with my FP3 and MacBook Air either.

Used to work fine with the FP1.

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