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There’s already a Fairphone 3 pictures gallery - so why not a video gallery, as well?
I just recorded a music video on my FP3. I think the video quality is acceptable, but not great.
For this recording, I used the standard camera app with the highest settings. I added some vignette effect afterwards and changed the colour settings a bit more red-ish and warmer tone.

As @Mixigodo has already stated, the audio recording of the FP3 is terrible for music. See also bis post with a solution to this: Very low quality audio recordings
In this video, i used an additional audio track from some decent recording equipment. You can listen to the original audio quality in comparison in some outtakes at the end of the Video.

Here it is:
Groovy Pike - Cold Winter (YouTube link)

Merry Christmas!

Leveraging the forum’s preview feature: