FP3 video camera application not working when trying to connect to camera

I’m trying to conect to my Drift innovations Ghost XL camera to my fairphone3 but when I connect the phone says I don’t have internet (screenshot attached). This is preventing me use the Drift Life phone app and therefore my FP3 for Ghost XL camera settings, I have to use an old phone. I’ve been through tech support but no joy.

I hope somone can help?

I cannot provide a solution, but it might help if you could clarify:

Your descriptions sounds like you are trying to connect your FP3 to two Wi-Fi points at the same time: The video camera and a Wi-Fi access point/router. Right?

I am really no expert here, but I would at least raise doubt that this is generally possible.

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.
Do you want to use your FP3 as a hotspot for your camera or conect the phone to the WiFi your camera sends?

No. I just want to connect to the camera and use the application. The applications has all the settings for the camera. I don’t need Wifi router access at the same time.

The camera has a wifi button. You press the wifi button and then you get a wifi signal which you can then connect to with the FP3. FP3 then states you are connected and there is no internet!

The camera doesn’t provide an internet access, just a WiFi connection for configuration and data exchange, so that’s no fault.

That’s right, just for confirguration, data exchange and viewing. The camera works fine with my old phone, I’m just not sure how long my old phone will last for. So it is definately the phone and not the camera.

Sorry, I still don’t understand the problem, your FP3 is connected to the camera. Internet access is obviously impossible, so far so good. So what’s bothering you?

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As per my screenshot my FP3 states ‘Connected, no internet’. under the Ghost XL signal. Although it is connected the app doesn’t work.

I just tried it again on my old phone and under the Ghost XL signal it just states ‘Connected’, going to the app the app works.

The issue is that I can’t use the app on my phone with my camera :frowning:

Perhaps you want to edit the topic title to clarify the issue in this case.

Judging by the user feedback in the Play Store you are not alone, the App seems to be a work in progress which will work for some and not work for others.
App functionality even seems to be degrading according to several reports.

Which support? Fairphone support or Drift support or both?

In which way does the App not work?
Does it crash when starting (it seems to do this for users with different phones)? Is there an error message?

I’ve edited the title now. Sorry for any confusion.

I went to Drift tech support and after not being able to resolve the issue I ended up getting a new camera. But got the same issue. They suggested trying another phone. I did and it worked and I could connect to the camera.

I contacted fairphone support and went through all their suggestions and still could not connect.

I’ve not been to play store tech support. I didn’t know their was one.

Regarding trying to connect with the phone that works you go to the drift life app go through the connect path and then you get to the connect to the WiFi. When I select the ghost XL in the WiFi list there is a pause and then it says ‘Connected’ and go back to the app the video from the camera shows on the app and there’s an option to do setting.

With my FP3 I do the same but when I select ghost XL it says ‘Connected, No internet’. I go back to the app and I’m at the stage where I need to connect. It doesn’t crash just won’t connect. Although it says connected on the WiFi.

Let me know it you need any further info. Your help is much appreciated.

I’ll go to play store tech support and see what they say.

Anybody got any other ideas? I’m still using my old phone (none FP) to connect to the camera app!

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