Fp3: use of second SIM

I’'m wondering how can I use the second sim:
I try to explain my self: if I insert on my phone the first and second SIM, I can receive or call from one of each?
I could have (from the work) a second SIM, are they active togheter when I swich on the phone?

Thank you


You can have a look here:


Thanks @Incanus. A useful article.

I have used dual SIM on the FP3 without any reportable problems since I got the phone. Two very minor issues :

  1. If an SMS text arrives as the phone starts (before phone services have all started), all SMSs will be reported as arriving via SIM1 regardless of which SIM received the message. This could cause confusion to your recipient if you don’t notice and reply without first changing the SIM you want to reply from.

  2. You have to set a SIM preference for mobile data. While on a call using the non data SIM, you will lose your data connexion. You can get round this by going into settings > Network and Internet and click on the SIM you don’t use for internet, advanced and switch on ‘Data during calls’. If you don’t have a data plan on that SIM, you will obviously be charged extra for using data on your non data preferred SIM. I’m on Android 11. A13 settings may differ.

Minor irritation : You can’t set a different ring tone for the second SIM. The flash screen announcing a call does indicate which SIM is receiving the call though.


Hi Renato,

when inserting 2 SIMs, you will be able to …

  • receive calls on both numbers.
  • make calls with both numbers (either choose a default number, or let the phone app ask you each call)
  • send/receive SMS on each number
  • use data on one of the SIMs (in the past I saw, one SIM uses 2G/3G/4G, the other only 2G, not sure if that’s still the case, though; also not sure if you can choose in the settings, or have to insert the data-SIM in slot 1)

So, yes, you can get a second SIM for your work number, and use only one phone!

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