FP3+ Upgrade to A13: should fingerprint be removed before upgrade?

I’ve read quite a lot about the fingerprint reader issue, and I decided to bite the bullet and do the upgrade, also if some applications will stop authenticating with the fingerprint sensor.
I’ve read some threads where the fingerprints where shown as stored but not usable, so my question is:

Do I need to remove all the registered fingerprints, do the upgrade and then re-register them again ?
Or I misinterpreted the other posts (which I can’t find anymore ) ?

You can upgrade your phone and see after if you have to delete and then register your fingerprints. In my case, they worked without registering them again.


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You seem to be aware of the potential issues, but I’ll just state it again to be sure: There’s a chance that many apps like banking apps won’t work at all with the fingerprint reader once you’re on A13.
So please make sure that you have a second, working, way for authenticating in all of those places where you are using the fingerprint right now. That means that either you have to create this additional login option or at least you have to make sure that you know your PINs and passwords for them. If in doubt: Test those before.


I’ve got a list of the app I need to check, then I’ll update the table of the working/non working apps.

thanks for the heads up

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I am wondering, if lineageos can make the fingerprint work in Android 13, why can’t the official fairphone release do it? https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_device_fairphone_FP3/+/350017

custom rom dont have to pass Google certifications


Google chose to reduce the security rating of the fingerprint hardware in the Fairphone 3/3+ in Google certified Android, which is Android with preinstalled Google Apps and services, which is what still an overwhelming majority of Android users wants to have. Thus Fairphone OS is Google certified and has to follow suit.

LineageOS as a non-Google certified community effort Android OS agreed to not adopt this change upon request by the Fairphone 3/3+ LineageOS maintainers … Official LineageOS 20 for FP3/FP3+ - #91 by TeamB58