FP3 Update 4.A.0016.6 without|with release note :)

I’ve just got a notification there is an update ready to be installed.

It would be nice if these notifications came with a link to a document/post explaining what’s going to be modified. Wouldn’t it?

I can’t even find a post on the forum yet.

I don’t like installing 100MB of stuff I don’t know anything about.



Your profile states you have a FP3+, if this update is for that phone, could you then move this topic to the category #help:fairphone3? Thanks!

Yes, this update is for FP3. I have flagged the lack of release notes.

Update 4.A.0016.6 is the security patch from August 5, 2022
For me the release note is enough


While that might be the case, and important, this short mention of upping the patch level is very unlikely to be the full changelog.


I decided to post it here because I think it’s a Fairphone policy to release this kind of update without a release note, not only an issue for FP3 users.

Non-FP3 users could also be interested in telling their ideas about that.

Unless this is only a forgetfulness on their side (I can’t remember if other security updates had a release note). If this is the case the whole post could be removed not just moved :grin:



Then the topic title shouldn’t be about a specific Fairphone 3 update :wink: ?

Usually there will be a forum post, but I think those posts never gave the impression of a real changelog. I think you’ve got a point.

In my original idea this was a complain about updates without release notes, a thing that I thought to be a general policy of Fairphone not specifically related to FP3.

I quoted that version update in the subject only to give an idea about where my “complain” came from.

As I said, if this only happened by chance (but I think I also had other updates without release note) there is no reason to complain and the whole post is useless.


The bright side of this update is the FP3 gets the security update of August in August :grinning:


It’s vacation time and the “substitute” may have forgotten to post in the forum.

Well some people are more worried about security and would no doubt rather have the update as soon as possible and rather not wait until release notes have been produced. Also sometimes it a small glitch in the previous one and there is no ‘real’ update to speak of.

Looking at the background there was a 0016.1β update that failed to install with the following notes

Security patch (2022-08)
MyFairphone app update to version 2.1.12
Lots of network-related work under the hood
Fix VPN IKEv2 support

The 0016.6 was just a fix for the failed 0016.1

its not the first time, that a user was faster to post about an update here in the forum than Fairphone, today it was you ;-). Sometimes an update is just a security update, the size of the update can give a hint as well here. In general I agree, a release note giving as much information as possible is always good.
I moved the post into the “discuss the products section”, as this is normally the section were softwareupdate information is posted and there was no real help requested in your post, more an idea for improvement (although I rather think its better to adress this to FP directly).

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Thanks a lot Rae for your prompt and kind reply.

Your message closes this issue.