FP3, unused as of FP4 delivery end of 2021, starts to bulge, back side cover bulging, FP3 still works

today I discovered, when returning to my old FP3, defunct as of end of 2021, when the newer FP4 arrived, only been using it very rarely ever since rather for browsing and updating it, no telephony use any more, that the backside semi seethrough cover is bulging exactly at the area of its battery. its bulging outwards both hrizontally and vertically pretty much exactly only where the battery resides. the phone has gotton charged every now and then, and all the past operating system updates applied since its became replaced as the primary phone.

dont recally when i purchased the FP3 to begin with or what the guarantee specs were, will see how this goes. too bad :frowning:

Please remove the battery as it’s probably swollen and is a danger, do not sell it.

Check it and dispose of it per local regs.


i just applied the newest FP3 update though, february 5, 2023 security level, android 11.

does the FP3 work with power cable only without a battery? might still need to move off some pictures or stuff off from it. thanks.

No it only runs from the battery so be careful if you use it temporarily




There’s free shipping to UPS Access Points this month, maybe that helps with simply ordering a new battery.


pretty heavily swollen now that I opened up the phone, wondering how it all stay inside. warranty is only 24months on the battery of FP3 according to

Fairphone 3 Warranty - What is a warranty and how does it work?

order has been december 2019 and it was december 2021 when switching over to FP4, so too bad the swelling didnt start back then, at least i didnt check or notice anything, now laying around mostly for over a year didnt help its life either.

never mind. thanks.

Perhaps a Fairphone Angel lives nearby. If you have luck they have a battery for a Fairphone 3 just temporary to make a backup.


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