FP3 unboxing with a surprise!

From the picture it does look like it might be possible to unplug the cable from the ear-parts. That would be the modular part. But don’t try too hard on my account.

Have fun with your new Fairphone. :slight_smile:
It’s the first delivered FP3 reported on the forum right?


Hmmm … the metal piece is in all the pictures on the website, though, and then there are the earplugs. Could they be selling an early test batch which was found to be 100% allright? Would explain how Sosh and Orange have stock already when nobody else does.

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@Antoine Count the display screws, please … 12 or 13? :slight_smile:


Maybe, but I think is to avoid damaging the device… You don’t actually need the metallic piece to remove the modules, a simple nail is enough… BTW it was hard to remove the screen, I was afraid to damage it, but I somehow managed with my nails to separate it from the surrounding module… Remounting it was easy but I’m sad they removed the blue circles, as some people could try to put screws in wrong holes (meant for the air to pass?) that have the same size…


13 screws for the screen.


Ok, that’s that then :slight_smile: . (13 screws is the final version it seems.)


From the picture, those are clearly not the headphones, they are selling extra with a cable that can be unplugged.
It’s a nice treat, but more important of course is their quality.

Once you have been listening to some music with those headphones, I would be interested in your impressions.
Nearly forgot: All those having had the prototype FP3s, please let us know, what you think of those headphones.

And BTW no worries about screws not getting out: the small screwdriver is magnetized.


Yes that might be it. Like Shure and MEE Audio products for instance. Be careful!

It seems hard and too slippery to do it, so I’ll pass for now ^^’


I don’t remember if she gave us an explanation, but Monica told us at the #efct19 that these metal pieces are only on the prototype screwdrivers, not on the ones being shipped.

Did you already see pictures of the headphones FP will be selling to compare with?


Yes, she explained it. People would use the metal parts to pry modules out of the case, which was not intended and could damage the module, hence it was removed.


This is an (the only) earphone photo Fairphone provides for the press:

[Sorry, no source link for this from me, I don’t think the source link was meant to be public.]


Didn’t try them out.

Did you have the same FP3 I have now from Friek? This one has 13 screws and the two top connectors don’t look so well :roll_eyes:


I am new but read this forum for almost 1 year now. Located in France too, I ordered on the 28th of August and received also my Fairphone 3 today from SOSH. I can confirm exactly the same content ( earplugs…)


No, Friek got a different one, we both got the prototypes on the same day (launch day = 27 August), but in different places. Mine had 12 display (!) screws, and I didn’t try the earphones either (well, I timidly tried to detach the cable, but quickly refrained from trying harder :wink: ).

I guess, that’s a good thing, as the cable really does not look detachable.
The earpiece looks differend from the picture you just posted as well.

Here are sources for a picture of the earplug:
:switzerland: at 34.9 CHF

:netherlands: at 39.9 EURO

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Monica explained that as well when we visited the office. The number of screws increased with each iteration of the design, to make sure it really wouldn’t have contact issues that happen on the FP2. The 13th screw was introduced very late in the process, so some phones without it have been manufactured.


Time for a standalone Fairphone earphones topic, I guess.


Same on the Orange website