FP3 unboxing with a surprise!


I agree that the FP3 is a big step in the right direction, especially now the battery life is really OK.

Regarding the flashlight, on my FP3 it works when HDR mode is switched off with the original photo app .


Not for me, even with HDR off and flash on…

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Nice to heare about the battery life of FP3 and that is has been improved obviously.
Maybe you can give your first findings in this new thread about battery life of FP3?
Cheers, Robert

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I hope my Fairphone 3 arrives soon.
Ordered at Mobilcom Debitel on 6 September

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I could finally make the flash work fine with the Google camera app, it seems it just remains on auto mode in classic Camera mode even if I want to force it… BTW any idea on how to force it in video recording? There is nothing except the settings wheel appearing on the screen to activate the flash…

Did not find how to do it. Tried quickly to first activate the flashlight and go in video mode but it does not work…

I agree with your experience, for you, and for others some things I changed/added/searched:

-For the homescreen I used a new launcher. The googlesearchbar isnt removable with the normal launcher. (I used “lawnchair”)
-The Newssite is easy to deactivate… long press and use the launchersettings.
-googlelogo on the keyboard is because there is only the google-keyboard “Gboard”. Im still looking for an other keyboard to use, till now I didnt find anything good. Perhaps someone other has an idea?

-I looked for an app to dim the light more. Im not finished with this, but “dimmer”, also availabel on F-Droid, did a good job till now (It can’t.

-For me, the navigation bar uses too much place and I was looking for a way to hide it. I found some stuff and thought, lets write a post in the forum:

Yeah… till now I really like the fp3, it used some work to be ready and I got to find a Keyboard that matches with me still, but it works, is doing what it should and this not only just, but good :blush:


Just a picture and few answers to already-answered questions.
There is 13 screws on the screen, the earplugs are not the one in above pictures, and I don’t have the logo with screw warning graphic :slight_smile:


SwiftKey is one of the few keyboards which supports 3 dictionaries active at the same time which is very useful if you speak 3 languages well (or are learning a third one). It is proprietary though, calls home, and was bought by Microsoft.

If you regularly use a UNIX CLI I can recommend Hacker Keyboard. It is FOSS.

I switch between these regularly (on FP2; don’t have FP3 yet). The AOSP keyboard might also be suffice (and should be FOSS), but it might not be included.

Regarding keyboards, my recommendation is maybe a bit radical but I have never regretted the switch: MessagEase.
The keyboard has ten “number block” keys each of which can either be pressed or swiped to produce all latin characters. A long press generates the actual numbers you’d expect in that position on a real number block. Swiping back-and-forth toggles capitalisation for the character.

Especially when on the move, no need any more to hit one of dozens of characters; the field of ten is much more easily hittable.

Various dictionaries for word completion are also available.

If you prefer a non-qwerty touchscreen keyboard, I can recommend to try the hexagonal touchscreen keyboard called Keybee. It is not FOSS though.

I use anysoftkeyboard. I think it’s very cool, with different layouts and dictionaries and gestures. It’s also FOSS (on f-droid). Give it a try!


Look what I’ve found here:

EDIT: It’s only for FP3, not FP3+

Wonderful! So if you want to spare 35€ 50€ for modular earphones, buy in France!
We, french people, are privileged :sunglasses:


So basically with the price difference, it is definitely worth it to take the FP3 and the module bundle for someone who would’ve wanted to take the FP3+ with the modular earplugs. Except if this person also wants the new speaker module.

EDIT: Strange policy from Fairphone here: they only include the regular (fragile) earplugs for FP3+ in France. I guess they might want to get rid of their stock… Before starting another “free modular earplugs” promotion?

And except if the person cares for recycled plastics and fair materials that you find in the FP3+.

Probably… Could @rae perhaps enlighten us about why the FP3 has the modular earphones included but not the FP3+?

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Well yes, but ordering an “old” phone they’ll probably stop producing soon (or add in new FP3 batches the recycled plastics) from the same company which cares for fair working conditions and materials is also a way to encourage them in this way.

I’d be more concerned about the waste of modules.
Could Fairphone one day decide to encourage people to bring their old modules back instead of keeping them in their drawers “just in case” by buying them back (i.e. with discounts on the shop) @rae?