FP3+ suddenly dead

The phone had at least 50% battery life when I put it in my pocket. Half an hour later when I pull it out it is OFF. I tried turning it ON, but noting. Then I tried:

  • removing and adding the battery
  • hard reset by holding down power button and volume down for a long time
  • sd card out, sim card out, trying the first two things again
  • connected to the official charger, with the official cable for hours

All leads to nothing, no LED light, no buzz, nothing.
The phone went from fully working to completely dead.

Fairphone Techsupport is not available by phone (too busy the say after you wait for 20 minutes).
I cannot start a support ticket as I do not know my IMEI number and my phone is dead so I cannot look this up.

What should I try?
Ordering a replacement battery?

All bricked or dead phone topics I tried to find did not match this situaiton, that’s why I try posting this here.

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You should be able to find your IMEI on the slim side (left) of the battery tray.

P.S.: Welcome to the community forum. :+1:


Thanks for the quick reply! That helps. I managed to report this issue to Fairphone now.
I will share any update on this here.

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It’s good that you submitteed it to Fairphone Support, however I think I need to mention that we have had a growing number of these “sudden deaths” reported in this forum recently. Some very adventurous Fairphoners have resorted to fixes I don’t want to explicitly mention right away, but you’ll quickly see what I mean in (not just) this topic:

Or here: Fairphone 3+, Dead in 3 years - #7 by HolosericaCaligo


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