FP3+ Stock ROM Image/Boot Problems

Hi there, my new Fairphone 3+ is refusing to boot anything other than bootloader after I wiped the device completely with TWRP.
I’m trying to flash the stock ROM for FP3 but it fails at vendor partition:

$ fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img
target reported max download size of 534773760 bytes
Invalid sparse file format at header magic
sending sparse ‘vendor_a’ 1/2 (521493 KB)…
OKAY [ 18.129s]
writing ‘vendor_a’ 1/2…
OKAY [ 43.031s]
sending sparse ‘vendor_a’ 2/2 (16364 KB)…
OKAY [ 0.586s]
writing ‘vendor_a’ 2/2…
OKAY [ 0.197s]
finished. total time: 61.943s

And also with the system partition:
$ fastboot flash system_a system.img
error: cannot load ‘system.img’: Value too large for defined data type

This happens with both bootslots.
Running “fastboot boot twrp.img” also just reboot to bootloader and sets both slots to:
(bootloader) slot-count:2
(bootloader) current-slot:a
(bootloader) slot-retry-count:b:0
(bootloader) slot-success:b:No
(bootloader) slot-active:b:No
(bootloader) slot-unbootable:b:Yes
(bootloader) slot-retry-count:a:0
(bootloader) slot-success:a:No
(bootloader) slot-active:a:No
(bootloader) slot-unbootable:a:Yes

If anyone could provide the stock ROM for FP3+ (plus) as .img files or could help me boot my phone again I’d be very thankful!

Welcome to the community forum.

The official way doesn’t work? …

The OS download there should also include the partition image files.


Thank you! I was looking for something like this but I just couldn’t find it. Trying to flash it now…

I tried it and the message from the system was:
./FP3_flashall: 1: ./FP3_flashall: cannot open B�0L%�nH�0L%.B�0L%�G�0L%: No such file
./FP3_flashall: 1: ./FP3_flashall: 2KGNU�0L%�-B�0L%P1B�0L%: not found
./FP3_flashall: 1: ./FP3_flashall: cannot open BH0L%�G@0L%�G80L%p=B00L%0: No such file
./FP3_flashall: 1: ./FP3_flashall: 0L%�9BX0L%p: not found
./FP3_flashall: 1: ./FP3_flashall: @@�Y
@8: not found
./FP3_flashall: 2: ./FP3_flashall: @@@@@MW: not found
./FP3_flashall: 1: ./FP3_flashall: ELF: not found
./FP3_flashall: 3: ./FP3_flashall: cannot create d�%��u��G
G H�=
�X�H� G
�/L���� ���~�E1Һ��������u)H����G���GuH�d�%��u
�/L��� ���~�E1Һ��������u)H����G���GuH�d�%��u
�/L���2 ���~�E1Һ�������E�u)H����G���GuH�d�%��u
�/L���� ���~�E1Һ������A�$�uI��$��G���GuH�d�%��u
�����u)H����G���GuH�d�%��u ���~�E1Һ��������PXP�
�/L��� ���~�E1Һ��������u)H����G���GuH�d�%��u
�/L���� ���~�E1Һ��������u)H����G���GuH�d�%��u
�/L���t ���~�E1Һ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������D��L�}L
Z�f.�D��AT� A�ą�tD��A\�H�=��
� H�=B
�E �
E����D��A����������������7��&�����H�s� Hc�H�>�������@���4�����A��tKA��A�����A��A��A!ڃ������A���u���1�E�������������}���1�E�����������A��A�����A��A��A!�����1�I��^H��H���PTI���2@H��2@H�ǀ@g� �����f.����LLH=�LLt�H��t ��LL��f��ff.�@��LLH��LLH��H��?H��H�H��t�H��t��LL���ff.�@���=e7
�08K�f% �?7
]�D�����@@IH��t"U��TL�08KH����" ]�Y���f��K���f.����1��f���1��f����7����ATH��SH�H�?H��t:H��@H�;H�H��t$���A�ą�t���!H�D��[A\�fDE1�H�D��[A\�f���USH��H����E1�1���A���Ic�H9�vyH�D�A�R߀�]w�A��,t�D�E9�}^Ic�A��H��Ic�D�H9�vaA�Q)��D�
H�,D�H��E�Y�A��]w-A��,tH9�w�E�JIc�H9�w�fDD�D��[]���EE���f���A��Ic��Z�����AUH�5�: Directory nonexistent
./FP3_flashall: 3: ./FP3_flashall: H����1ҿH�
$: not found
./FP3_flashall: 7: ./FP3_flashall: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

If that was me, I would download the OS file again and proceed from there again.

If it happens again …
Is that on macOS or Linux, on which version?
Which steps in the command line/terminal come before these messages?

It is Linux and the steps before this message are:

  • In the terminal window type: “sudo chmod +x FP3_flashall” and press the “Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:” key
  • In the terminal window type: “sudo ./FP3_flashall” and press the “Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:” key
    • Type your system password if required

from https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048660371-Install-Fairphone-OS-on-FP3-FP3-Linux-Ubuntu-

Searched the internet for a bit … it looks like your system tries to execute FP3_flashall as a script, when it in fact is a binary file.
That’s why there are line numbers 1:, 2:, 3: etc. in the output, and the system simply can’t make any sense of the lines it reads in the binary file this way.

As for why this could happen, I found two things:

  • Did the chmod command to make FP3_flashall executable actually work?
    An ls -l of the folder would include the letter x in the file permissions for FP3_flashall then.
  • Are you by chance using a 32-bit Linux OS?
    lscpu should give you i386 or i686 for 32-bit, or x86_64 for 64-bit.
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