FP3 stock camera app open source?

As far as I can see the FP3 camera app is not open source. Have I just missed it on Github? Are there plans to open source it?

I don’t think so as atleast in the beginning it was ordered from separate company and might have proprietary code in it… (But I cannot find any mention of the software provider anymore so it could be made inhouse.)

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I couldn’t find who developed the app even after 1h of digging waybackmachine and duckduckgo But I still think year ago there was a mention of partner that made the camera software.

I guess the partner is Arima from Taiwan. They do the hardware assembly and FPOS development (which should include the stock apps) AFAIK.

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Fairphone has mentioned that they have software developement team in Taiwan so it could very well be that it’s Arima as they have done those things in the past. Or Arima has subcontactor in Taiwan as fairphone has not mentioned anything about providing living wage for the software developers.

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