FP3+ speaker very sensitive to touching the lower left corner

The sound coming from the loudspeaker of my FP3+ becomes very faint as soon as you touch the phone near the bottom left edge. It is natural to touch the phone there if you hold it in your left hand (because it basically rests in my hand mostly with that corner) and use the right hand for controlling the touchscreen. I must balance the phone precariously because of this issue, or I won’t hear anything.
Is that just a problem with my particular phone (so I should be able to fix it), or with this model in general?

Hi @martinL Welcome to the forum.

This is not something I have heard of, it sounds like a poor connection. You may like to disassemble and reassemble it from the bottom module.

See guide on replacing speaker for help

Are you sure you are not just covering the loudspeaker with you hand/fingers when holding it?


I had thought of the manner in which you hold the phone as mentioned by @yvmuell but thought that too obvious and but sometimes obscure problems have obvious solutions :slight_smile: It would be good if that was the case and if it is you will not be the only one who finds the speaker position somewhat odd.

Yes, that possibility occurred to me immediately, it’s very easy to muffle the speakers when holding the phone in the left hand. The bottom left side naturally comes up against the cushion of the thumb.


Thanks for all the replies and suggestions!
I did initially cover the openings for the speakers with the cushion of my left thumb. However, the sound was muffled even when I touched the phone only somewhere in the vicinity of the speakers, not covering them at all. This made it very difficult to hold the phone and still hear some sound at the same time.
The solution was to open the phone, disconnect the speaker module and re-assemble everything, and then do the same thing again.
Now I still have to be careful (calling the speaker position “odd” is generous - reminds me of the iPhone antenna), but at least it works.
Thanks again everybody!


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