FP3 sound via bluetooth much softer

Yesterday I noticed that my bluetooth speaker I paired with my FP3, didn’t quite give the volume I was used to. Today I noticed the same for the headset I paired with my FP3.

Then I realized that yesterday morning, I updated my Android. The current version is Android 11 (build 8901.4.A.0016.6 security update 5 aug 2022). Could this be the cause? Has anyone else experienced this?

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I cannot say if it’s related, but the latest FP3 update (which you mentioned) has caused other issues (mainly remote playback/pause control is broken right now) with bluetooth earphones/headsets as well:


I experience exactly the same issue with the same update. Have you managed to fix it yet?

Hi Saskia_Aerts and welcome to the community forum!

Since this problem was introduced in a software update, the solution will doubtless arrive with another update. I have no doubt that one is in preparation but I have no information as to when it is likely to be made available.

One of the difficulties with the current Bluetooth problems, is that they do not affect all phones in the same way, so it’s likely quite difficult to find the exact cause – and fix that without breaking something else :thinking:

Don’t forget that the best way to contact Fairphone engineering is through the helpdesk.
Click here for more info on how to >> #contactsupport


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