FP3 Slow Charging

this is my first time on the forum, because I have the same problem all of the sudden, so I’m looking for help too.

I have FP3. Worked just fine. During the past week it didn’t want to recharge anymore. After a whole night charging only 32%. Changed cable, switched on and off, updated my phone (which I should have done earlier), …
Sometimes it did charge completly, so I thought the problem was fixed. But last night again it didn’t recharge at all…
I noticed sometimes it says ‘slow charging’ or ‘fast charging’ and sometimes it just buzzes but apparently doesn’t charge…

I also have charging problems.

it just won’t charge or very slowly.

When the phone is turned off and I try to charge it; the phone seems to reboot itself all the time (booting: buzzing, and showing the fairphone logo then turning off and again and booting again going through the same cycle every 30 seconds)

I tried:

  • rebooting
  • battery pull
  • updating everything (of course)
  • new cables
  • cleaning the usb-c connector
  • Going to repair shop: They say we don’t do fairphone because modules are sold out, this goes against their own principles of sustainability)

I had this issue before, it happened after a couple weeks after I bought it new. Back then I fixed it by buying a new bottom module. But now these are sold out.

I love the idea of modularity and sustainability, but I hate these low quality fairphones. (they are not durable)

Also I have problems with the screws: The screws are easily stripped, so you can’t get them out again.
also after taking it apart and putting it back together the fairphone gets a flickering screen.
also you can’t get genuine replacement screws. I really start to hate fairphone.

@PUNCHANAZI @faea @LienDF have you tried a “Power Delivery” Charger as mentioned in my comment above? it would be interesting if this worked for you as well. (I paid 15-20€ for a simple Power Delivery 3.0 charger , so it’s worth a try)

My fairphone 3 had problems with charging slowly since yesterday. I found the cause to be a drop of water behind the speaker and bottom module. (I went kayaking yesterday and found out that the waterproof cover I use was damaged and a bit of water went through)


See waterwiki . Since humidity has got in, I would recommend you to disassemble the phone (remove all modules) and leave to dry if possible in an air flow.

Even if the phone is still working, the long-term presence of dampness is very bad and will end up doing damage.