FP3: Sim card stuck

Hi everyone,

I got my new FP3 and am super happy with it. However, my SIM Card was not recognized so I wanted to remove it again, but it appears to be stuck and won’t move.
I tried to push it in more to activate the spring (according to the support site https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032858251-Identify-and-solve-SIM-card-issues).
Unfortunately the SIM Card did not move and the spring did not push it out again.
I simply appears to be stuck.

Is there a way to manually push it out again or disassemble the Phone to access SIM Card Slot better? Or worst case replace the Slot?

Thank you all already :slight_smile:

My SIM were not in the correct format, so I had to cut them. They are working, but indeed to remove them I use tweezers… Hope that helps.

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Thank you. I will buy a set of tweezers tomorrow. I hope I can get it out with it

Strange …

The SIM card support article for the Fairphone 2 mentioned that you shouldn’t do this (like any network provider or phone vendor support would tell you).

The corresponding article for the Fairphone 3 doesn’t mention it.

Hooray, cutting SIM cards is supported now :slight_smile: !

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Nop nop nop, you should definitely no do it :slight_smile: But I was not able to wait few days for a correct sim :3


Solved: Mine is stuck too. Can’t get it out with tweezers. Any ideas?
Solution: Push harder on the right spot, which seems to be towards the bottom.


I just had this happen too, it took me an hour to get it out. I don’t like this design at all. The eject spring requires you to push the sim card further in and if the sim is binding then if you try that (I did) you have just pushed the sim further into trouble.

I had to take the screen off, which doesn’t open up the slot but does give better access for tweezers, then with a good set of sharp edged tweezers I just squeezed the sim to flex it in the slot and it moved just far enough back that I could get a grip with the tweezers to pull it out.

I measured the binding sim and an easily removed sim and they were 0.7mm and 0.6mm thick respectively so I sanded the binding sim down to 0.6mm and it works fine now.

I would much prefer to see access to the far side of the sim slot so you could push a stuck sim out, most of my other phones have that.

Just to add:- nano sims are 0.67mm thick so cutting down micro etc. may not be the best idea.

I have a similar problem with my new FP3:
the ejection spring on SIM2 works but the one on SIM1
not there I get the same SIM card
only with tweezers help out.