FP3+ Screen won't timeout / go inactive

I have the screen timeout set to 30 seconds, but it isn’t turning on (i.e. the screen never goes off). It is draining my battery and means my digital wellbeing stats are appalling! I could see other people had problems with it going off too quickly - but no fixes. Any ideas?

Can you provide info on when this started happening and if any apps had been downloaded between, the time it was OK, and when the current problem arose. How long has this been happening.

Can you clarify what settings you are using to try and fix this?

Are you using the stock launcher or something like ‘nova launcher’ which has different menu settings etc.


Thanks Amoun. I really appreciate you helping.

I have only just got the Fairphone - it’s less than a week old - so it’s weird. I don’t have stock launcher or nova launcher. I went through my app list to see if there is anything in there that could have an impact, but I don’t really have many weird and wonderful apps. Mostly mail and messaging services, travel tools and only one game (Hogwarts Mystery). It happens whether I have closed all apps or not.

Turning the phone off and back on again doesn’t seem to as I’ve on do anything. I am loathed to do a factory reset as I’ve only just set everything back up.

In settings>Display>Screen timeout I have it set to After 1 minute of inactivity. I’ve tried changing it too, but nothing happens. The Screen Lock is set to go on 30seconds later. I don’t have the smart lock function enabled.

I have battery saver, focus mode and adaptive brightness on, but it doesn’t time out regardless of whether these are on or not. I have show all notification content on the lock screen, but I don’t have new notifications turned on.

I don’t think it has anything to do with my virus protection as I’ve only just signed into it and this was happening before.



It makes me wonder what launcher you have, the launcher is the default app that decides how the screen functions and how you can access settings. The default launcher has a google search bar at the bottom which isn’t removable.

I empathise with not wanting to reset, but did this problem occur the first day you had it, as if not it may well be a consequence of another app you installed.

Closing an app isn’t very substantial, they are still likely to be running some background activity.

You can go to each app and disable them them all temporarily and empty the data and cache etc. If that doesn’t work try uninstalling them one at a time starting from when you think the installed app coincided with the problem.

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You might also try to start the phone in #dic:safemode to check if any installed app causes this problem.

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