Fp3+ screen shows pixelisation

my wife her phone showed pixelisation, it was not possible to reboot or restart via the buttons. After taking out the battery : and reinsertion same story.
I swapped the screen of her phone with mine , this did not help .
I left her phone ( disambled : battery out , sim card out , screen out ) overnight , and in the morning restored everything and her phone was OK again…
so far so good , but a few days later when acrtivating her phone the screen showed pixelisation again. Luckily this disappeared , phone as OK after a few seconds.
Question : what is likely the main issue : hardware , software ?? and what can we do ot try to fix it permanently.

Note phone carries the latest released Android 13 sw package

Did you try to clean the screen contacts with alcohol? Though it looks strange to me that changing the display doesn’t change the problem.

yes, of course , and I tried to bend the hone like described in similar FP2 post .
I suppose the problem is a bad connection somewhere : what is most likely the suspected piece of hardware?? (I do not want to reopen and clean unnecessary…)

Please dont bent the device. This might add further harm and break solder

Take a look at this post, in case this is a similar problem to yours:

And, of course, and keeping in mind that this is just a user forum, you can always contactsupport.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

yes, looks the same , thanks for the cleaning instructions.

If the problem pops up again, I’ll try them and report the results


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