FP3: Screen died over night?


i got my ne FP3 yesterday morning, put SIM and SD-Card in, booted, installed the Android 9 and all other Updates, installed and configured Whatsapp. Everithing fine and working like a charm!
Then i Put the Phone away, went to bed and today after waking up…the display shows nothing.

The Phone seems to be working. It vibrates on reboot, touching the fingerrintsensor makes it shake, but the screens stays black. Booting without sim/sd dont help, booting into recovery (power + vol up) dont help.

I dont want to to disassemble and assemble the display only one day out of the box. Is there any other trick i could try bevor sending it back and getting a new one?

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You could try using ADB to reset to factory defaults to see if that fixxes it. but i doubt it would work. my suggestion would be just returning it, unless you really like learning tech stuff and aren’t intimidated by an command line interface :wink:

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Agree: factory reset or send back for exchange no questions asked

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When I’ve got a black screen I double press the power button to start the camera. Sometimes the display works again.
Two days ago the display stayed black, so I removed all of the 13 screws and the display. Then, after putting all together, the display works well!!!


My FP3 screen has also died overnight. The battery charge light is on when I plug in a cable, so I don’t think the battery’s the problem. When I switch it on I can hear the haptic buzz, followed by two buzzes about 20 seconds later, but the screen stays blank. Has anyone else had this problem?

I have put in a support request, but I see from the forum that responses are taking a while because of the virus. Will try reassembling it now to see if that works. Any hints appreciated.

Unfortunately removing the screen and reassembling didn’t work.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels with Fairphone 3s in your vicinity, perhaps it could be arranged to swap the display module to check whether the display module is the culprit.

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