FP3(+) Replacement screws

Hey everyone!

At this point, it isn’t a secret for anyone that one of the weakest points of the FP3 is its screws and how easily they get stripped (kinda ironic for a modular, sustainable phone XD).

Anyway, a while back I saw that Fairphone put on their store a screws kit for FP5 at a staggering price of 9,95€ (I hope it includes like 100 screws). Does anyone know if they are the same screws as the ones on FP3? Because after they put the kit on sale I hoped for them to do the same for the other phones but as far as I know, they haven’t.

Any help regarding this topic will be very much appreciated!

Have a look at this wonderful wiki prepared by @urs_lesse


I can send you some screws, maybe even original, would have to check. Send me a PM if your are interested, normal letter should not be too expensive within Europe


Thanks a lot for the link but I was actually looking for a less “DIY solution”.

I will still save the post though, in case I don’t get anywhere another way, I love that people have made the research. <3

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