FP3 receiving SMS only on 1 from 2 SIM

Hi there, I have a FP3 and using two SIM-cards. Only on one SIM-card (Dutch) I receive SMS. Not on my German number. I use the App Messages (Berichten) for SMS. Does anyone have a possible solution for this?

Hi and welcome, did you use the German SIM in an Iphone before?


I didn’t use this SIM for any other phone. Before, I connected with Signal, whih had the option as SMS-service. But that isn’t the case anymore.

You have one SIM with a Dutch network and one SIM with a German network. Would this SMS reception problem have anything to do with roaming? Which country are you in most of the time?

I’m in Germany most of the time - the reception isn’t the problem. The weird thing is: sending SMS is not problem, it seems like the received SMS are hiding somewhere… But I don’t know where!

Hi Vanya,

This exact problem doesn’t seem to have been reported before, which rather makes me think that it’s related to your network operator in Germany. Have you contacted them about it?

When someone sends you a SMS on the German number, do they receive any error message when the delivery fails? This might be 24 hours after sending.
Or, on the contrary, do they receive a delivery notification? This usually requires the “Get SMS delivery reports” option to be turned on by the sender, in the Messages (standard App) settings:

  • open the Messages app
  • in top right-hand corner, tap the “Owner” pictogramme (avatar)
  • choose Messages settings > Advanced > Get SMS delivery reports.
    Note: to get there quickly, you can also just open the Settings app and search for “sms delivery”.

Did the same mobile number get used for an iPhone in the past? In that case you need to deregister from iMessage anyway, or otherwise you won’t be able to receive SMS from iPhone users.

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Quite right. It’s not a question of using the SIM before on an iPhone, but of previously using the number.

However (I emphasize for Vanya), this would only affect iPhone senders, it would not affect messages sent by Android users.

Hi @OldRoutard , thank you for this message. I’ll contact my provider as well (O2) for this problem. Everyone that sends me message don’t get any failure-reply. So the messages must be hiding somewhere… I’ll try out the SMS delivery reports.

Next to Signal and the Messages-app from Google (which is the only SMS-app provided at Fairphone), I didn’t use any other options. Or do yoou know of something else to use?

@AlbertJP This number was never used on an iPhone, always on Fairphones.