FP3 random reboots

Hi, since couples of weeks my FP3 is suffering a very random reboots: while locked, after a call, in my pocket, etc. I have the latest OS build (8901.3.A.0107) and I wrote to support yesterday (I’ll update the post once I’ll receive an answer). How many other users have the same problem?


Odd question in a way as not many users visit the forum but I don’t have the problem.

You mean when you pull it out of your pocket you have to power it on, or whilst in your pocket it goes on and off and your can feel the vibes.

Could it be accidental pressure if it only happens in your pocket?

Hmm! which pocket, can you try another, is this a trouser pocket? :jeans:
You could borrow someone’s phone to see if it a pocket problem? :iphone:

Apologies for the silly ideas, I’ve brought tears to my eyes, but they are relevant questions.

that’s fine aha my pockets are more than smooth (elegant working dress). Moreover, this evening, while walking home after work, I was answering a message, the phone freezed and suddenly reboot…

Last 2 builds broke something…

I shared this post with Fairphone Support Unit and I’m going to provide a detailed status of my reboots as feedback.

[Edit - 18/06/2021]

Phone has just rebooted soon after switching on the LTE.

[Edit - 21/06/2021]

Phone still keeps rebooting during the day. Last time I noticed that it happened everytime I switched on the LTE and phone struggled to find signal (my workstation suffers a very poor mobile signal). This could be probably the bug path.

[Edit - 22/06/2022]

Today I’ve never switched off my FP3 and none reboot happened. Poor signal + LTE theory was confirmed.

[Edit - 25/06/2021]

Random reboot now after opening File Manager.

[Edit - 01/07/2021]

4 reboots today:
1 while reproducing audio through bleutooth, the others in stand by at work (never switched off Mobile Data).

[Edit - 10/07/2021]

3 reboots today: I had a (awesome) walk with a friend from 900 mt to 2550 mt, phone has not signal for most of it. Every time I pickup my FP3 it was rebooted. Poor signal hypothesis could be confirmed.

[Edit - 13/07/2021]

3 reboots today: everytime while I was switching on mobile data with low signal. This happens everytime I’m at work.

[Edit - 14/07/2021]

Phone reboots right now: I was opening an App that I’ve just downloaded, mobile data stuck on E (low signal), soon after freezing and reboot.

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Same problem, random reboots, not in pocket. Do have poor reception, but not all the time and it keeps happening. I can not imagine how that could be related. Thinking of the latest software update?

Hi, as long as I had last 3rd build I’ve never had any reboots. I think it is kind of software releated in peculiar situation. I suggest you to update your post describing the acticity that could trigget the reboot. Thank you.

Iam experiencing a few random reboots lately.
As I had switched the bottom module just recently, in my case I wouldn’t pin it to the Software update of 8901.3.A.0134 . Although it would be interesting, in case it were=someone else experiences them too :wink:
To me, these reboots occur hidden in standby. I confirmed them to happen indirectly by settings section About-> Uptime.

I became aware as the keyboard MS swift turns up white from time to time, although I operate it in “private” mode which is represented by dark keys. It stays thatway until updates or reboots occur.

I might need to check for some dust around the power button.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. At the end, I discovered that my reboots were related to mobile network signal: a couple of minutes after signal goes off → reboot happens … both with mobile data on/off. My old office was in a modern fully shielded building, I changed my location some weeks ago and I’ve neved had any reboots since that day.


I’m experiencing similar issiues, the wierd thing is: it only happens when im travelling.
I use the Phone as a Navi and will always reboot after some minutes of driving. It also happens on trips when im not in the car… I never have problems in the city.
Im also pretty sure it happens since im using dual SIM cards. Anyone else with these problems?
Anyone knows any fixes?


Hi and welcome to the forum.

That’s not nice to hear but thanks for putting the effort into explaining.

The first an obvious issue is that you think it happens “since im using dual SIM cards” can you confirm by removing one?

I using two SIMs is the problem ensure you have Wi-Fi disconnected. As only one SIM should be able to access data it shouldn’t switch for that reason. However there is always the possibilty that there is an attempt to switch networks and also try Wi-Fi

I can only suggest for now, as the problem may be beyond a simpel fix, from my view, is to limit the option to switch and hope it provided a stable data connection.


A pretty similar issue was discussed here (in French): https://forum.fairphone.com/t/le-telephone-seteint-plusieurs-fois-daffilie-signal/

I personally encountered this issue while I was in Spain with my FP3 and 2 French SIM cards, a few weeks ago. The phone may restarted several times per hours. I got the feeling that it was when I was moving in the country (most of the time by bus). WiFi disconnected and disabled.
I did not try removing 1 of the SIM cards.

Never seen this issue in France before of after having visiting Spain.
At this time, my guess was that it may mostly be related to roaming.