FP3+ Power button broken (boot loop)


I need your help… my FP3+ is stuck in a boot loop. I am 100% certain at this point that this is because of the power button - it hasn’t clicked anymore since more than a year. Just last week it kept showing the power button pressed-menu and started boot looping for the first time, but recovered after a while. Now I am stuck - it just started boot looping while not being used yesterday and I can’t get out of it. Disassembled it and cleaned the switch, but it did not help.
I got it to boot for some time yesterday (by wildly clicking the buttons) and could then see it showing the menu again before going back to the boot loop.
I’d love to repair the broken button. I have seen that the PCB with the power and volume buttons are available in India, but the sellers don’t ship to Europe :frowning:
Or if I could at least boot it long enough to save my data! Does anyone have an idea how to get that accomplished?
I contacted Support, but have not heard back. Would appreciate any tip!

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If it’s really a broken power button, you would not need to have the whole motherboard replaced, but “just” the “rear module”. The rear module is essentially the housing of the motherboard (the motherboard is attached to it with just two Torx T5 screws). Unfortunately, this part has never been available in Fairphone’s spare parts shop, but only through their Repair Service contractor:

You might also want to consider to search for an intact used rear module in this forum’s inofficial market place. Perhaps someone has still got an FP3 with “just” a broken motherboard lying around.


Thank you for your insights! I just talked to support and indeed, they will not offer the small button PCB as a replacement. They instead only offer to replace the whole core module at high cost, which beats the whole point of sustainability IMHO. Really disappointing experience so far, sadly :frowning:
I will check the market place, maybe I have some luck there. Thanks anyways!

You wrote in profile, that you live in Hamburg. If you need a replacement for doing a backup, we maybe could meet. My FP3 is my main phone, this shouldn’t last more then some hours.


Hi Jens,

thank you SO much for that offer. I am currently exploring some (more long-term) solutions, but in case it does not work out this would really help me out. I will get back to you, but already: Thank you!


Hello, I respond here just to let people with same problem how I fixed it. I did not manage to do it on my own, so sent my FP3 for repair. Fortunately they did not change the whole core module (as FP support informed me they would do), but just exchanged a small piece (I think this rear module) worth ~30 euros. The total cost was ~75 euros.