FP3: Plastic rings fell out after removing the display - do I need them?

I recently opened my Fairphone 3 in order to upgrade the camera module following the Replace the Camera Module guide, which worked great, and I really like the new camera.

These rings fell out, I assume it was while removing the display (scale in centimeters):

Do I need to build them into my Fairphone again?

Thanks for your answers!

Well, to me those plastic rings don’t look exactly like some spare parts but like something, that broke off from the case.
I am not so sure, but maybe those are covering threads for the screws used to fix the modules.
For illustration purposes I have marked them on the first picture of “Step 9” of the teardown on the

If my guess is correct, the threads might still be in place, yet I would assume, they are lacking some strength now, when it comes to holding the modules.
Opening the phone to check, if I am correct, might result in breaking loose the threads completely.

In case two screws are no longer doing their work of fixing the modules, you might want to repair this.
Some glue could to the trick, as I wonder, if the case would be available as a spare part, since the shop offers back-covers only.
Most likely the phone would have to be sent in for repair.

If glueing doesn’t work:
Perhaps some fairphone-angel or another user with a broken phone could help out with a “new” case? You could try posting in the market place if needed.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Thanks a lot for the fast answer!

How do I know whether “two screws are no longer doing their work of fixing the modules”?

When putting back the screws, all screws tightened normally.

Sorry for my late reply.
I am not the most tech savvy guy here, but if I should make a guess, everything’s fine for now, if the screws tightend normally.

In my opinion that shows, that the threads are still connected/glued to the case.
There is the possibility, that this connection might break from tear and wear on the phone (i.e. daily use). So, when the phone shows some unusual behaviour, you might want to take a look at those screws.
Until then I would stick to “Never touch a running system”.
Loosening the screws just to check if they are fine might break a connection, that is ok for now.

(Just for my peace of mind: please be aware, that my reasoning might be wrong and the plastic parts belong somewhere else; even if I have no idea, where that would be. :wink: )


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