FP3: Pixel camera app / Google Camera Port

No, of course not, because the hardware is designed for 30fps and not for 60fps. If you try it with 60fps the app will crash. You should check your FP3+ hardware devinition first. I don’t want to do nonsensical experiments if the hardware doesn’t allow it. In addition, the software must explicitly address the device, which is not the case with Nikita GCam version 2.0
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From the Fairphone website :

Max video resolution 4000 x 3000 (4K UHD)
4K video @ 30fps
1080p @ 120fps
720p @ 30fps

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Yes there is the option of 120fps and sadly not the more common 60fps as you my want,

The 4 x 12 MPx sensor is capable of 4 x 30fps or 30fps. There is no benefit it seems in making software to get 60fps ??

Please do yourself a favor and don’t think that you just divide a value in a digital device by two and it works. Total mistake. For every single function you have to write a seperate code.

Sorry for not being a software developer.
I’m just a phone user man, relax !


Forgive my likely ignorance on this subject, but dropping every odd frame should get you to 60fps quite trivially, no?
Then of course, there’s no way of telling if such logic is readily coded in any of the apps, or is there?

I see the issue as 30fps is fine for the human brain-eye to see the frames as a smooth transition emulating ‘real’ movement (which of course isn’t really analogue)

120fps allows for a slow playback so there’s little interest in 60fps

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Therefore I try to say it in a basic way. So that “only users” can understand it. by the way, I am very relaxed :wink:

Unfortunately, no, it is not that simple. The hardware provides the basis and prerequisite for the software. It may well be very complicated or not even possible.

Does ist works with the FP3 (old camera)?

Actually, I think you’re in luck. I’m reading a lot of positive reports on using GCam mods on the original FP3, with huge quality improvements over the stock app.
Not so sure about the FP3+ though…

I don’t know because I only own the FP3+.

Wanted to give an update. The gcam port 8.1 seems to have some issues that for the moment make me hesitant to use it as my main camera app.
I had a few issues where the camera would not save pictures after taking them.

As the time goes im mainly interested in timelapse & short slo-mo than night mode and bigger resolution and whatnot. Has anyone tried if that works ?

Have you not installed in and tried?
What do you imagine would happen?

I’ll try tomorrow ~ it’s late here in the UK and nothing is moving in this field I inhabit :slight_smile:

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Well nothing to write home about the slow motion was slooooow and the time lapse effectively speeeeeeeeeeded things up.

What more can I say, what did you expect ??? :slight_smile:


Wanted to report that I’m using the Urnyx05 port, version 7.3.018. I don’t use this as my main camera app but do switch to it whenever I get image quality that I’m not happy with in the stock app.

If you want to download this too, I recommend you spend a few minutes on the site to gain some information about the ports. There really are a lot of options out there. I ended up choosing one based on its release date, and that it was marked as “stable” by this website.

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Ah, nothing more than that it works as intended! I am still waiting to get my screen protector to actually carry my fp around. I got a pouch already, but since im working construction, absurd amount of dust sometime is my main concern and the reason i am still not carrying it as my daily driver

So you have a pouch which will keep the dust out of the usb port hopefully?

Maybe a useful information for all the people here trying to figure out which camera app is actually useful on the FP3. For me many of the apk’s that I have tried, were not really useful, as the picture processing time was way too long for a normal use and focus, for example also did not work properly. I hope FP themselves will invest a lot in giving a stock one that is actually useful. (well to be honest, now using it for a more then 1 year I wish for A LOT)

I can recommend NGCam_7.4.104-v2-0_eng. Very quick HDR processing times, focus works great. The only disadvantage is that you cannot select the FPS for video, but well. This version worked absolutely best for me so far.

Have fun!