FP3 phone gets hot quickly

I bought my FP3 in December and lately it’s been getting hot. Why is this happening? What do I need to do? Is it dangerous?

Check what apps may be loading the battery. Another issue can be a poor network signal which requires the phone to up it’s signal strength.

You can also run the phone without the back cover and may get an indication if it is the battery or some other component.

You can also run in safe mode that will disable any custom apps, that may help.

Finally you can try turning on aeroplane|flight mode and then just enable Wi-Fi that will reduce a lot of possibilities.

All the above are just to help see if you can find a source of the heat production before you could attempt a fix.

If the battery gets hot yes it can be dangerous. To check the battery isn’t distorting from heat try the spin test.

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Could the FP3 processor be not fast enough for any apps ? I ask this question because it is something new.

That is part of the ‘safe mode’ start analysis :slight_smile: So yes it could be an overburdenning app :frowning: