FP3 parts in Australia

Hey there,
Anyone want spare parts for an FP3 in Australia?!

I have an FP3 which has had a bit of water damage, amongst other wear and tear. It often freezes, especially when using the camera (all camera apps are unusable); It appears to be the motherboard which is wrecked (visibly damaged), so I am sadly going to have to say goodbye. As far as I can tell, the following parts are still good:

  • bottom module (only a few months old)
  • speaker module
  • top module
  • camera module
  • screen (a couple of scratches)
  • battery (still good battery life)

I’m happy to post it anywhere in Australia in the hope that it can be repurposed as spare parts to help someone else. I’ll put the screwdriver in too.

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I don´t know if that´s interesting for you, but Fairphone offers to replace the motherboard. It costs you about 250€ (shipping included, but from within Europe): https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035880131-Fairphone-3-Repair-price-list-and-FAQ-Cordon

I did that myself recently and the repair itself was done very quickly, although the conversation with FP unfortunately took some time. I know that it´s expensive, but it´s cheaper than buying a new FP.

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