FP3 OTG - mouse suddenly not working any more

There is a bit of backstory here. My touchscreen of my FP3 is broken - the screen itself works fine, but the “touch” bit not any more. So I wanted to make a backup. I bought an OTG cable and connected a mouse to the phone.

It worked for a while, I operated the phone a bit, even disconnected and reeconnected it, but didn’t get to make a backup yet. I wanted to start the system update before I did anything else, but the phone told me it didn’t have enough energy. So I disconnected it to charge it, but afterwards, the OTG connection didn’t work any more.

The light of the USB mouse flashes (while it should be lit continuously), but nothing else happens. If I connect the OTG the other way around, it doesn’t even flash any more. The mouse is fine, it works on my computer. I also tried to restart the phone, nothing.

I have had charging issues before (phone only charged when in standby), but the charging did work.

Has anyone else experienced this?

TL;DR: touchscreen broken, connected a mouse via OTG, it worked initially, but doesn’t work any more after charging the phone.

Just for clarification: The phone is no longer connected to the charger and yet the mouse doesn’t work, right?

Yes, that’s it. I unplugged the charger and reconnected the OTG cable with the mouse. I didn’t have any USB hub in between.

I did, several times. I rebooted both with and without the USB-OTG cable and mouse connected to the phone. No change, unfortunately.

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