FP3 only starts fastbootmode after twrp restoring recovery

I cant boot my Phone anymore. I istalled twrp and magisk. Everything was fine. After i decided to remove youtube music and chromebrowser and a reboot the phone got in a bootloop. Wich is odd enouth.
Ok… well roll back my backup…shit…twrp borked it
Now its anly fastbootmode.

I tryed to flash stock boot.img to boot_a and boot_b but it will not boot the loader. It goes straight to fastboot

pls i need help.


also fastboot boot twrp.img does not work anymore. it tryes but falls strait back to fastboot.

I had the same issue.

You need to download the full stock dump available in this message and then flash both slots as shown here.


fingers crossed! i have a bootlogo :smiley:

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THANKS!!! It worked! Its back to life!!!


@Martin_Mattausch-Wie @lost_geographer
Can you describe the exact steps, that would lead to TWRP not being able to be booted?
I’d like to debug this and possibly find a solution, so TWRP always works.


Exact Steps are hard after i sit till 01:00 in the morning figure out and failing bringing it back to life.

I installed twrp magist etc.
configured all my stuff, made a backup with twrp and then i decided to uninstall chrome and youtube music using the app “System App Entferner (root needed)” this worked as far as i could see but in Apps there where links to the apps with no icon. So i rebooted the phone.
It went into a bootloop. ( that should not have happen in my opinion) At this point Twrp did work. I restored my backup wich failed. I hoped it failed bevor writing anything to disk. Reboot ( and imidiatly regret everything i have ever done) At this point a it went only in fastbootmode.

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Concerning my case, I don’t think that the source of the problem was TWRP itself. I had mistakenly flashed the wrong GSI version on the slots and after that the phone could boot only to the fastboot mode. I gave the details here.

What options exactly did you select during backup/restore?

Concerning “fastboot boot” not working the solution is to set the slot’s active, which will reset the retry-count:

fastboot set_active _a
fastboot set_active _b

That should get fastboot boot working again


i selected boot, system and data. for backup and restore. I did not wipe cache and Dalvic/ATR because restore failed.

Nope, this did not work in my case.

Yep, thanks for this hint.

You need to select “System Image” instead of “System” when doing a backup

I keep that in mind for my next adventures in android-bricking-contest. :stuck_out_tongue:

btw is there a method to install the january security update manually? I cant flash it. trayed with fastboot, recovery, sideload. No luck so far. Also not with stock boot!

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