FP3(+) not connecting to WPA2-WPA3 (WPA3-transitional) networks

In some of the other threads I read that WPA3 support is disabled. It seems like my FP3+ completely ignores WPA3-only networks and doesn’t even show them.

I’ve observed however that the phone also won’t connect to WPA3-tranisional setups and I wonder why that is. WPA2 is enabled in such networks, so why won’t the FP3 connect to them?

It’s one thing to disable WPA3-only networks, but I’m seeing in increasing number of WPA3 transitional setups, i.e. networks that allow WPA2 and WPA3 connections. Why are FP3 users also prevented from connecting to them via WPA2?

I’ve never tried a WPA3-only network, but my home network is set up as “WPA2+WPA3” and the FP3 in the household has absolutely no issue connecting to it. My FP4 claims to be using WPA3 in this network, I have not checked what the FP3 actually shows.
Have you tried more than one such transitional network? It could also be a compatibility problem with the WiFi equipment used. In my case it works perfectly fine on a FritzBox 7590.

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