FP3 not available for purchase in the UK

Possibly related to the brexit insanity* (sigh) but i’m finding myself unable to buy a phone for my brother…

I have a FP3 myself, his old phone has been a nightmare and has seen how much i like my phone so wants one too…

Problem is ordering one…

looks good so far

No UK (or component country) available.

Is this a website glitch or do i need to find a friendly EU person to reship one?

*note, was always 100% against this for reasons like this…

It seems like a general glitch. Looking at it it seems like Sweden and Switzerland are missing, too, for example.

@Rae do you have an idea what’s up.

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Seems like a glitch indeed.
But here’s a workaround:

  • Click on the languages icons in the top right corner
  • Set it to “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”
  • Save & Continue
  • Try again buying the Fairphone, UK should now be in the list :slight_smile:

Possibly a firefox glitch, but thats not working at all for me…
Glad it’s being looked into though, i’ll be patient :slight_smile:

Note the back camera is 4 x 12Mpx not 48Mpx and produces a max of 12Mpx but has better light sensitivity and hence improved output

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Nope, I’m on Firefox as well.
Try removing the cookies and trying again.

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Tried in edge, but ugh had to use edge :wink:

Seemed to work.
But try to fix for firefox please :slight_smile:

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From the wiki topic for the website errors:

I’m using Firefox on Win 10 in the UK. the above image quote works, you can see the price in sterling £425

I got that too, just that the UK or any member country was not an option in the next screen…

To confirm, i now have the order, just was forced to use another browser to make the order… This should be looked into, otherwise all is okay :slight_smile:

Thankyou for the warning…

Myself i’ve an original batch fp3 and have manually upgraded the cameras, so i know the differences…

Thank you for posting this for people that may be less informed on this though…

Must admit it did initially confuse me why the pictures werent 48mp, but it does make sense and the pictures are so much better…

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I have Firefox esr on a Raspberry Pi and Firefox 83 on windows, both work fine using ~ shop.fairphone.com/gb_en/fairphone-3-plus ~ so it is probably some odd setup you have.
Just updated to Firefox 84 on Win 10 and the link works fine.


Hi Ingo,

Not sure, but will alert the team in the morning. Thanks for flagging!


Reporting some potentially useful debug info:
For me, the bug is still present. I was unable to place an order for a FP3 for delivery in the UK (in chromium) even after changing the region explicitly to UK.
However, on Firefox the explicit region change worked, and I was able to place an order.


Nothing to do with Brexit! It’s an issue with cookies. Deleting stored cookies for fairphone.com should resolve the issue.

To delete cookies in Firefox, click on ‘Open Menu’ hamburger menu in top right - Preferences - Privacy & Security - under Cookies and Site Data click Manage Data - type ‘Fairphone’ in the Search Websites box and press Enter - then click on Remove All - restart browser and you should be good to go.

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