FP3 North america

Hi, I know this subject has been adressed for the previous versions of the Fairphone. However, I was wondering if the new Fairphone 3 will ever be obtainable in North America (and for my case in Canada) or is it not planned to. Thanks!


At least not that we know of. But who knows what the future might bring.

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You can at least get some hope, when reading an article on “techcrunch” referencing an interview with Bas van Abel:

When — or even whether — there will be a Fairphone 4 is a question he isn’t keen to engage with. Clearly the hope is Fairphone 3 packs enough smartphone punch to go the distance. Though he hints it might look to offer additional smartphones in order to enter the US, a major market it’s so far not addressed at all.

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Here is the source:

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