FP3 no update since march. Any reason?

Hi, i’ve got a FP3 that’s currently on 8901.3.A.0136. When going to system update, it says no update, last update march.

Why then do i see blog post about july update?
Are update country dependant, or device dependant ?

I’ve just tried to find a Fairphone response on social media from this week that might have helped to elucidate the circumstances. What we have seen in the past is that some telecom networks/providers need to ensure compatibility first before they pass through Fairphone’s updates to their customers. So it’s not about country, but sometimes about your provider. Just my guess.

UPDATE: Maybe this concerns you? (Read: Are you also on SFR?)



There have been two updates since the 0136
The first and upgrade to A11 then an update.

As mentioned, these Over The Air upgrades/updates are pushed by the networks.

What network are you using and have you asked them if they can explain the delay.

You can of course try a manual update but apart from the extra work it may not work that well on your network.

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Ok, thanks for the article. Quite strange.
Also funny, if i were to switch sim card with another carrier, i would have the update.

Yes that is a ‘trick’ some people do.

The question I have then is how does it work for someone with dual sims with different carriers, where one will update and the other won’t. Will the phone really have a problem if a call comes in on the non-updated carrier. ???

Wow that’s an idea!
I just tried to change the default data SIM from my SIM #1 (under SFR) to my SIM #2 (under Free Mobile) and now the update is available!
@VladimirF wrote in the other topic that he didn’t experience any problem with the SFR network after updating.
@Honeyxilia, you also made the update while using SFR: do you have a feedback on your side?
I’m still hesitating to do it!

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A new version 8901.4.A.0017.3 has finally been offered for install to me so I think all people under SFR network should now be able to upgrade!
And I now have sometimes 4G+ connection (previously I didn’t have more than 4G with SFR) :slightly_smiling_face:.


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