FP3: No notifications in the drawer

it’s just that:
i dont see any notification in the top drawer. it actually tells me there constantly:

Keine Benachrichtigungen

  • i do get a vibration/sound, when a notifications comes in.
  • i also see them in an app called ‘recent notifications’ that i installed to somehow access my notifications
  • but in the place, where they usually are: nada.

and it was like that from the very start. i never saw any notification.

nota bene: i run the apex launcher, but also while switching to quickstep, no luck.
also: of course i checked system prefs and app prefs.

didn’t find a solution here or elsewhere, sorry if i missed anything obvious.

thx for any hint,

Hi there and welcome to the community!
You don’t have Do not disturb activated by any chance? With some settings it can hide all notifications but still allow vibration. (I doubt it but we never know)

This means you checked in the notifications settings that they were correctly on for all apps?

I would think of a #dic:factorydatareset to solve the problem, because it purely seems to be software. But #dic:backup before :warning:!


yes. that’s what I thought

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