FP3+: No APN-Internet after switching to /e/OS (Provider congstar = Telekom D1)

Hello FP Conspirators,
followed this guide when creating the APN provider, Mobil surfen mit congstar - manuelle Einstellungen zum mobilen Internet / APN - Tarif- & Produktberatung - congstar Support Forum . Still I do not get internet through it. LTE4 signal shows full scale.
Have deleted all other APN providers that seem to have been taken over the SIM card?Provider internet.telekom also existed here from the start, which - if taken over by FP-OS - also did not work, which is why I researched the congstar settings.


As I had this recently when receiving new SIM cards: is the APN active/selected? Just entering it might not be enough.

Edit: and I would def restart the phone if not done yet.

Thx! Yes, I did not mention: congstar is the only APN marked as active and even a restart did not fix the problem.

What happens when you put the SIM card in the other SIM slot?


IT WORKS … with SIM slot 2! The problem remains when switching back to SIM slot 1. I currently use only one SIM card, so I can live with it.

Interesting by the way: Some apps (e.g. Square Home) apparently match license data based on the SIM+Slot and then become invalid on slot 1, on slot 2 it remains valid.

Thx a lot!

Edit: Existing APNs were not changed by the SIM slot change and no new ones were created.

Good it works.

Still I would see if I can try another SIM card in the not working slot to see what happens and as long as you have warranty #contactsupport . however as long as you use e/OS they will probably not help you as they only support FPOS


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