FP3+: New camera module still generating 12 MP pictures

Lucky me: I have a max of 16MP (FP3 with upgraded camera modules) :wink:

But that’s the front/selfie camera, isn’t it?
The back camera should have 12 MP.


Does the new rear camera always reduce to 12MP? Could a software update enable 24MP? This would give better depth but also reduce storage worries. Maybe a compromise for those wanting full 48MP photos! Digital cameras arent my expertise so I could be completely wrong!

Well… It would rather be either 12MP or 48MP. A compromise would rather get the disadvantages of 12 and 48 rather than having the benefits. It would neither benefit from higher quality, nor from quad bayer technology. And good luck to keep the aspect ratio (I know it’s possible, I’m just being a bit cynical).

And anyway, as said before, nowadays software is 80% of photo quality.

No honestly I don’t see the point of 24MP. I’m actually still wondering whether 48MP is even possible, did someone find the option? Would it then be raw photos? If someone already said it, sorry, I didn’t get it.

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The front camera can shoot 8 10 and 16MP photos with different aspects. It seems unusual to limit the larger rear camera. Most DSLRs will shoot 20-24MP so I cant see how this would be a disadvantage. SDcards are cheap enough now too to cope with larger files. It seems a waste to incorporate a higher resolution limited by software.

For those that didn’t read further up the thread…


On a DSLR it isn’t, but a phone isn’t a DSLR. I think you can’t compare a DSLR to a phone, apart that both output a photo, but that’s about it :wink:

Limited by software? I don’t get what you mean. As @pcm just rightfully stated, please read a bit further up his explanation about the module. It’s not a real 48MP module. It’s a quad bayer sensor.


There is no explanation further up. Maybe he should’ve read the thread!

My commenting on limiting it by software was because you said camera photgraphy was 80% software. I was asking if a software update might have helped because as others have said they were expecting better and this felt like a “marketing ploy”. Now I know it’s because of hardware design then clearly they can’t increase it. To answer my own question then, no 24MP is not going to happen!


Just the post above mine.

Ok got it.

Software update would definitely help yes, the question is whether it will happen.

Indeed, I don’t think it will, and IMO it wouldn’t improve camera quality anyway. And it actually isn’t even possible I think.

Thanks for the explanation! So 48MP is not actually 48MP but 12MP, but the result is a better photo than the 16MP front camera.


I agree this is very confusing. You can find it in the details on the fairphone 3+ page, but if (like me) you already had a fairphone 3 and ordered just the camera+ module, then you couldn’t find this information anywhere.


Fairphone is already aware of this problem and working on it.
Not really consolation for you.
If you are really dissatisfied and within the 14 days return period, that’s always an option.

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No I’m not dissatiesfied, I was just a little confused!


Looking at the copy on the 3+ camera spare part, to me it’s still misleading, @rae

The Camera+ (48MP) has a larger sensor, intelligent scene detection and a higher dynamic range to reliably deliver high-quality images in any setting. Optimized for the Fairphone processor with zero shutter lag, give real-life definition to your videos with enhanced object tracking, image stabilization and crisp audio recording.

There’s still no mention of the 12MP output image.


After upgrading I got the same, and called today. I got an answer from them via email. Hope it helps:

The raw sensor (the Samsung GM1) is 48MP. The primary focus of this sensor is to gather more light and therefore perform better in low light conditions and capture more details. This is achieved by combining tiny pixels of 0.8-micro to deliver light sensitivity equal to 1.6-micro pixels. Hence its effective output is still 12MP. This is common practice in the industry with phones such as the Samsung S5KGM1, Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, Nokia 7.2, and the Sony IMX363.

In case you have any further questions about Fairphone 3+, we prepared an FAQ for you. If you have any further questions, please let us know!

(FAQ link:


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Hi @pcm, the copy on the website has not been changed yet. Unfortunately, this has taken a bit longer to get to than originally expected. An update on this is that it is currently being looked at, so you should see these changes very soon. :slight_smile:


Still no change in the shop to detail the Quad-bayer sensor technology and to remove the misleading “48Mpx” @rae?


Hi everyone,

I promise we have not forgotten about this! :slight_smile:

This is work-in-progress because we expanded the brief a little. We are rewriting the copy on both the Camera Upgrade page and the FP3+ Product page, and it is therefore being translated into Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

We also included an explanation in our recent blog which we shared on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and monthly newsletter.

Thanks for the reminder though and I will loop back here as soon as these changes go live on the website. :sunflower:



I try to flash andorid 10 again on my Fairphone 3 plus.

But then i try i to take a photo it just say:

But i have 48MP camera on FP3+

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