FP3: my order just got delayed by one month! from mid Sep. to mid Oct. to early Nov

I also got prepare order. Very happy with that. :slight_smile:


same for me.
It would be nice to hold it finally in my hands, but for me it is only useable, if LineageOS or at least OpenOS is available for the FP3.


Anything new everybody? :slightly_smiling_face:

not from my side. still “preparing order” and also no email about shipment.


pareil pour moi : maintenant ça reste bloqué sur “Préparation de la commande” et je n’ai reçu aucun mail…

En même temps “Rhenus prépare l’envoi” & “Préparation de la commande” c’est la même chose en fait…

I hope the following post in an other thread (UPDATE: Get yourself a USB C cable (I didn't) for FP3, because delivery from FP is delayed) does not mean that all people who ordered a FP3 and charger/cable will have to wait until mid- November!

*emphasis added by me

That is exactly my guess, that I expressed in the other thread.
“Prepare order” does take some while now already.
Well, that’s life. Keep calm and carry on. :grinning:

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Well I ordered without a cable or charger and my status is also “Prepare order”.

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I have asked Fairphone support (what this means for delivery. If they split up the delivery. If cable/charger can be cancelled.) Let’s not all make tickets and ask the same question. I will write in this forum as soon as I have an answer!


My FP3 status did not move to “Preparing order” but “Order confirmed”.
It was pre-ordered and paid on the second day (without charger/cable), and was in status “Rhenus prepare for shipping” and “Processing” before.
That feels like a logic puzzle I don’t want to solve anymore.
I am sure in the end it means to have more patience…

I appreciate all those patient people here on this forum, but I think that being fair should also mean being fair to your customers. If Fairphone wants to become succesful in selling a fair phone they shoud take production planning, logistiscs and customer communication much more serious than they do now. This whole process sucks, sorry to say that.


No need to be sorry; I guess most will agree to you (even the patient once).
I just - unfortunately - doesn’t help to be mad; and I am certain, they are pretty p…ed themselves in Amsterdam right now (for some time already).
They had other plans for sure, than to perform such a sorry start.

As we don’t really know the background of what happened, everything would be just guesswork. It just seems, that there was that one relevant part that failed rendering all production planning and logistics worhtless.
They just should be a bit more open or at least a tiny bit more revealing in their communication.


Didn’t they say that it was the plastic of the transparent back cover that was changed at the last minute? Quite ironic as the covers of the FP2 were probably the parts that caused the most guarantee claims.

being fair should also mean being fair to your customers

True. But fairness isn’t a one-way road. The conclusion that they don’t take production planning and logistics serious is far from fair in my opinion. Or do you have insider information that justify that judgement? All we know is that there are problems; afaik we don’t know whose fault these problems are, do we? And we also know that FP is not a big player - that limits possibilities to guard against all sorts of problems, for example in the supply chain. As for the customer communication and being successfull you are probably right, but in my opinion this has nothing to do with not being fair.


IIRC there were some blog posts explaining the delays during FP2 initial delivery. I would also appreciate a bit more open communication now.

But at least I got a reply on my support request giving some hints:

We experienced a peak demand after the launch, which led to a faster sellout than expected. At the same time, we experienced some challenges to secure the supply for all components. This results in the fact that we have a lower supply of Fairphones 3 than expected, and that the delivery time is currently longer than expected. We do not have the exact date, but the approximate indication is the end of October.

So if its 2-3 more weeks for me, I can live with that.


Customers should not be bothered with the question whose fault it is; we are customers of Fairphone, not of the companies in their entire supply chain. If we want sustainable and fair products to reach a larger audience (which is what Fairphone wants and what we all want, I hope?), the suppliers of those products need to be able to compete also on normal business characteristics such as reliability, accountability, service and transparency (including in communication).

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Thank you for sharing this with us! As many others here, I also think that Fairphone should be much more open with us in what is happening with our orders and when will we receive them. They have to be cautious offering us the delivery date estimations, but if there is a confirmed delay, they should let us know officially.

This is really annoying for me because I really need a good and reliable smartphone for my work as soon as posible, because my old phone is dying (the battery drops really quickly, problems receiving calls, really limited performance for my needs, problems with physical buttons, really tiny screen…). :frowning_face:

Shortly before the FP3 was announced, I was going to buy a second-hand smartphone, but I decided that it was a good idea to support fair technology and give it a chance, and if it’s realiable, to spread the word and show people that another form of consumption is possible. I decided that I would make the effort to pay more for a few minor specifications, but the lack of transparency in this whole process bothers me a lot (there are some inconveniences and problems that I can understand but that I would like to be officially communicated by Fairphone; specially when other people already received the phone buying it directly from the Fairphone store, as we did).

By the way, when starts counting the warranty of the FP3 we buyed? Since the payment was accepted or since the day we received it? :thinking:


So, just because there is a delay of delivery of some weeks, you imply lack of reliability, accountability, service and transparency? Sorry, I can’t follow your way of thinking. Not at all!

Btw, I have ordered a piece of furniture and I am waiting since 2 month and still don’t know when it will be delivered. Recently I ordered some parts for my bike, delivery time should be 5 days, delivery was after 15 days. Last year at work we ordered notebooks in the context of a frame contract - the notebooks weren’t available, we had to buy another type, which was less suitable for our needs. To be fair - what is “normal business characteristic”.


Did you get any response yet? :slight_smile:

“from the date of delivery to the original purchaser”