FP3 most sound has cut out

Hi. I’ve had my Fp3 for about a month. I’m not technologically savvy, so I may be missing something really obvious and I apologise if this is so. Last night its sound cut out. I can’t call anyone or take calls because I can’t hear their voice (they can’t hear me either). The ring tone does work, however! Podcasts, videos are not audible. It’s not muted. I’ve checked in settings; media volume, call volume, ring volume and alarm volume are all part-way along their respective lines. ‘Do Not Disturb’ is off. This is the case with or without earbuds being connected. Can anyone help? I’m probably missing something obvious here…

Sounds like the issue I have with mine, and I’m getting my entire FP3 replaced because of it. Contact the Fairphone support and see what they think.

Does yours start working again if you restart the phone?

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Hello Anders, thanks for replying. Yes, restarting it restores the audio. I’ve already missed a couple of important calls, so have contacted support. Will up date post when something’s resolved.

Did you get your Fairphone from a reseller (i.e. not directly from the Fairphone Shop)? If yes, Fairphone is working on a firmware patch to fix an audio issue with some early FP3 batches. The firmware patch will hopefully come in an update in the first quarter of 2020.

How can we tell which “batch” the Fairphone came from? Is there something we can check using the device’s serial number?

I think if there was a specific batch of serial numbers affected, Fairphone would have communicated that by now. Frankly the actual extent (how many FP3 are affected) and the specific symptoms appear less clear to me in the meantime. Originally my assumption was that only Fairphone 3 stock at resellers was affected, but I would not bet on that anymore.

I just hope the firmware patch comes soon. Until then – if I were affected – I’d probably resort to the reboot workaround if it wasn’t too unbearable. After all, if Fairphone’s diagnosis is right, a replacement would come with all identical hardware and I would not even bet that anyone could say if the replacement was affected as well or not.