Fp3 mobile phone and internet reception problems

Dear Fairphone community,

I have had very poor mobile and Internet reception with my Fairphone 3 for about six months.

At the time, I had the smartphone with me on a long trip where it was exposed to shocks and the elements.

Since then, I’ve hardly been able to make a call (even outdoors), and when it does work, the callers usually barely understand me. The same applies to the internet connection when loading sites.

Here are photos of the Fairphone 3 and a Motorola G32 (I had to buy this on my trip because the display of my Fairphone 3 failed for a long time after a heavy rainfall) under the same conditions to compare mobile phone and Internet reception. Have a look at the icons in the upper right corner (Verbindungsproblem Fp3 Icon):

Fairphone 3:

Motorola G32:

I haven’t changed the SIM card or mobile phone provider since then. The antenna may have suffered a defect, but where can I find it? (this manual mentions an antenna, is it the one highlighted in yellow?) Fairphone 3 Teardown - iFixit

Thank you for your ideas and suggestions!

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