[FP3] [Mobile Data Sharing] issue

I cannot share mobile Data with Windows computer since a couple of weeks.
My operator is Orange France.
I’ve already tested following :slight_smile:

  1. Put my SIM in a Sony Xperia => ok
  2. Put a SFR SIM in my FP3 => ok
  3. Put another Orange SIM in my FP3 => KO
  4. Reset my network settings many times => KO

I’ve asked for a new SIM and support from Orange France but we cannot change APN with right elements. I cannot leave MVNO type empty because it’s not saved when empty.

Wifi set up but no internet connection behind

I’m sharing with Laptop under Windows 10.
When I try with a Linux Laptop it’s ok so if think we got a security issue.

Great, I can reply myself.
Due to this topic I resolved my issue.


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