FP3 Mics not working

Well, I am new here and they tell you to enjoy the forum.
I don’t want to enjoy it since there should be no need for a forum if the phone would work properly. I prefer wasting my time with different things.

BUT. the mics of my new FP3 tend to fall asleep. The autotest is failing. They wake up after restart. So it is very likely the software.
Obviosly this is a “old” problem making the FP3 useless. There should be a quick fix or FP3++ version.
The problem is that I do not want to give the FP3 back because I bought it with screwdriver…

So, Fairphone company get this fixed immediately otherwise noboby will buy FP3,4,5
except for naive people like me.

Welcome to the community forum.

“Immediately” went by and nothing happened.
But have it your way :wink: .

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I’m sorry that you have problems with your phone and I think I perceive what you want to say with

as I assume you don’t mean that literally (as I don’t think you’ll find any smartphone without any user having a problem with).

Keep in mind this is a community forum and FP staff only passes by occasionally.
If you want to address the company itself I recommend to contactsupport.


I have the same issue. I believe in Fairphone project but i need that the telephone works perfectly. Now I maust restart it many times.

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