FP3: microSD controller specs (A1 or A2)

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I pre-ordered my FP3 yesterday and am getting ready to fit it with good supplemental accessories.

Of course I want a microSD card. Unfortunately, the specs on the website don’t tell if the controller supports A2 cards or just A1 (which is e.g. the difference between a SanDisk Ultra vs. an Extreme Pro).

No worries if it does just A1; it merely means I will be able to trade the A2 surplus price for capacity then.

Maybe someone from FP staff knows that amount of detail?

Oh, and the forum needs a FP3 category :slight_smile:


Stefan Winter


And just to be clear, with “supports” I mean “can make use of the extra features” - it’s totally clear that there is full backwards compatibility with A2 cards in a A1 controller. My question is specific to the usability of new features of A2 cards (especially Command Queueing, which needs controller-side cooperation).

Yeah full specs on the microSD card slot would be very useful. Doesn’t make sense to put a card with 160MB/s read speed into a reader that won’t go over 100MB/s.

Most important is that it works. If it could be faster in a different device, so be it.
Who knows beforehand which other devices with different specs a card will possibly see in its “life” :slight_smile: .
Just my approach, of course.

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Of course, it’s really not that important and I already ordered the FP3 without knowing the microSD specs. However it would be stupid to buy a high speed sd card “just in case” because there are no specs listed anywhere.