FP3: microSD controller specs (A1 or A2)


I pre-ordered my FP3 yesterday and am getting ready to fit it with good supplemental accessories.

Of course I want a microSD card. Unfortunately, the specs on the website don’t tell if the controller supports A2 cards or just A1 (which is e.g. the difference between a SanDisk Ultra vs. an Extreme Pro).

No worries if it does just A1; it merely means I will be able to trade the A2 surplus price for capacity then.

Maybe someone from FP staff knows that amount of detail?

Oh, and the forum needs a FP3 category :slight_smile:


Stefan Winter


And just to be clear, with “supports” I mean “can make use of the extra features” - it’s totally clear that there is full backwards compatibility with A2 cards in a A1 controller. My question is specific to the usability of new features of A2 cards (especially Command Queueing, which needs controller-side cooperation).

Yeah full specs on the microSD card slot would be very useful. Doesn’t make sense to put a card with 160MB/s read speed into a reader that won’t go over 100MB/s.

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Most important is that it works. If it could be faster in a different device, so be it.
Who knows beforehand which other devices with different specs a card will possibly see in its “life” :slight_smile: .
Just my approach, of course.

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Of course, it’s really not that important and I already ordered the FP3 without knowing the microSD specs. However it would be stupid to buy a high speed sd card “just in case” because there are no specs listed anywhere.


From the Fairphone support:

Sorry, it took me longer to get back with a reply but I have to ask for some help on this one from Technical Support.

So far we think A2 cards may be supported by Fairphone 3, but since we have not tested that yet; we can not warranty this feature may work 100%.

But in the case you do, please do let us know. We will appreciate any feedback on this matter.

If you have any further question please do let us know.
Have a nice day!


I for one have meanwhile bought a Class-3 A1 card as that is enough to record full HD video in sustained speed.
Thanks for the investigation nontheless!

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Update from Fairphone support:


So far we think A2 cards may be supported by Fairphone 3, but since we have not tested that yet; we can not warranty this feature may work 100%.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Customer Support Agent


Is there any news about the official specs?
I buyed a 128GB A2 model, and it works in my FP3.


I have an A2 model too and to no suprise it works. I still have no idea does it actually support the random write and read specs of an A2 model or does it work at slower speeds.


I also wonder about the maximum supported size. The specs say 400GB, however there are other product websites out there who say 200GB or don’t mention anything at all.

I expected the Snapdragon specs to define the maximum size and the supported version, but there is no mention on the qualcomm site.

Anyone tried more than 400GB?

best regards

I have a microSD card with 512GB.
i never ever experienced any issues with any device regarding those “limitations”.


As I am thinking about to change from an iPhone to the Fairphone I have not much information about using modern phones with SD cards, I just got to know from this thread and several pages that there different models.
I would highly appreciate a comment on which typ of card/model makes sense to use with a Fairphone 3.

Thank you very much in advance.

I’m curious if there is any smartphone manufacturer going so far into details which specific sd card features are supported in their phones/controllers. Mostly I can read about maximum size and few times about speed class.
This also was a task of trial and error with the FP2. My first 128GB Samsung pro+ wasn’t always recognized after boot, but the slower evo+ works fine. Therefore the pro+ type was simply swallowed by a LG G4.

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I updated my MicroSD: SanDisk Extreme A2 512GB, microSDXC, Cl10, U3, V30.

Works for me. I don’t know if it is feasable to test how fast read/write is performed by the phone’s controller. If anyone needs that, I need a hint how to…


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