FP3 microphone started to have problem (noisy background) and now it does work

I know there are many posts on microphone’s issues, but I realized my problem is a bit different from other (echoes, low volumes…). Two days ago, I started to notice a soft noisy background at the begin of my recorded message in Whatsapp, then the noise (quite a white noise) started to be loud and at the very begin of the message and after 15-30 second it faded out. Now, when I use FP3 for calls nobody can listen my voice. I try to record a message to test and now I listen intermittent noise for 5 second and then silence.

I guess it is something in the contact of the mic, or maybe the mic starts to not work properly.
Should I substitute the module? is that possible?

thank you

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I think you should contact Fairphone Support. They will probably suggest that you use the built-in test features of your Fairphone (only available in the standard Fairphone OS, not in /e/OS or LineageOS). You can access these tests by dialling * # * # 6 6 # * # *

There should be 25-30 different tests, for you the microphone tests are the relevant ones. Two microphone tests are there because the FP3 has microphones both on the bottom end and on the top end of the device.


thank you. I will do that.

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