FP3 Loudspeaker stopped working (Fixed with reboot)

Hi all,

So I just ran into an issue with the loudspeaker audio not working on my FP3. The last app which used the loudspeaker before it stopped working was the alarm… This was a really peculiar issue and seems to be reported quite a bit on the forums.

All sound that usually comes from the loudspeaker stopped working - no media, no keypress effects etc. I tried the factory speaker test and nothing was audible. Turned all volume controls down/up, toggled keypress effects on/off, changed between vibrate/mute/loud but the loudspeaker still did not work.

Wired headphones and the front-facing ear speaker worked without issue though.

I ended up rebooting the phone which fixed the loudspeaker, however I’m interested in knowing if anyone is aware of a fix, or if anyone knows how to diagnose this (I have root access). Phone is currently on 8901.3.A.0134.20211116

I’ve messaged support just in-case :grin:

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I think fellow FP3 user @Kerryman had the same issue – and as far as I remember, a reboot only worked once or twice for him until the loudspeaker became mute permanently.


Urs, yes, you are right. I had identical issue in AUG 2021.

Hello “qrdnyce”,
I had the identical issue on my FP3 (16 months old). Here is what I reported to the support desk:

“Loudspeaker fails to work.
Stopped working in middle of a video.
Rebooted several times. No improvement.
Ran in safe mode. No improvement.
Ran self test: Receiver is a PASS, SPEAKER is a fail.
Can hear during phone calls on Receiver. Speaker fails.
Speaker fails on all following conditions: Radio, Video from phone, video from browser, audios in messengers (whatsapp, SIgnal, etc), audio guidance in google maps, handsfree mode…etc.
Disassembled, cleaned all contacts, reassembled. No improvement.”

Since my phone was still within guarantee, I got a ticket number, a free shipper collection and the phone returned to me within 8 days with a replacement speaker free of charge or any need for dispute.

The helpdesk is fast, extremely friendly and very competent. Any question will be answered with lots of patience.

(Are you aware of the self test ‘phone number’? It helped me confirm for myself that my perception{assessment was right and also expedited the support at helpdesk/guarantee.)

Hope this helps you and just shout in case of questions.

Have a healthy Christmas Season.


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