FP3: looking for a protective case or bumper

Hey everybody,

My FP3+ took some hits and blows, and now I am looking for a protective case or bumper. Is anybody able to help me out?

Marten (from Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Hi they are available from the shop.

There have been a number of reports where the cases have expanded, mine have. So if you want a second hand one, due to cost, be a bit careful.

Hopefully someone will have a spare for next to no cost that has stretched just a little :slight_smile: or better . . .


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Hi Marten. I have still my previous and enlarged black protective case (version 1). It still holds the phone, but with a slack of 1-2 mm so that the phone moves up and down in the case. This movement has left abrasion marks on the edges, as if the phone was used without a protective case for a considerably long time. The case holds the phone, but the phone gets off the case quite easy compared to a brand-new case, which might make the case unusable if it keeps enlarging… I am attaching some pics here:

Because of the abovementioned, I requested and received a replacement from the Fairphone under warranty. And I was willing to try shrinking the enlarged one with the method of boiling&cooling which circulates on the internet as well as in this forum; and then share the information with the forum members under the following discussion Enlargement of the phone case issue, but I did not have the time to do it yet.

If you are interested, you can come and pick up the case for free; I am also in Amsterdam.


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