Enlargement of the phone case issue

Same for me. I’ve had the black case for about 10 months, still in good shape.

But my phone has a cusioned life, rides in a briefcase, rarely in pockets and rarely subjected to extremes of temperature.



Bad news, the new case I receive, a black one with recycled plastic, start again to enlarge, I suppose it’s a design issue, not a fabric temporary issue. I will probably use and reuse the warranty for that :frowning:
The enlargement is maximize when I do one of thins 3 types of things, gaming (big 3D games like Genshin), visio call with Telegram) or watch youtube/netflix/ADN for a long session, more than half an hour, generaly in wifi.

The temperature is hot but you can still touch the phone (like with my others phones).


Hi Justin,

Those activities generates heat as you mentioned, and when I track the battery temperature reaches between 40-45 degrees celcius when I have a video call for more than 30 mins for example, with an ambient temperature of 30-35 degrees. These cases are heat-resistant up to 55 grades celcius (according to the FP website). Therefore they are supposed to tolerate these temperatures but I also think that there is a considerable correlation about the temperature and the enlargement issue.
Maybe any other forum members experiencing enlargement in lower tempratures?


I doubt the battery is heating in those cases, but its the processor, so if monitoring temprature, I would monitor this one…probably its not only the temprature itself, but also the time the case is exposed to it

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I received my replacement case yesterday, so nice so tight.
Fairphone has been good to send the new case for free.
I tried to shrink the old one by heating and cooling it as described here: How to Shrink a Silicone Phone Case: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
But no luck :frowning:

The page says it’s TPU. Anyone here who knows enough about chemistry to give an idea how to shrink it?


Hmmm … How to Shrink your Silicone/Tpu Phone Case | NotebookReview suggests the same procedure should work for TPU, too, but the mentioned Youtube video seems defunct, so no way to know whether something was done slightly differently perhaps.

I have just ‘inherited’ my daughter’s FP3+ and case so have two ‘stretched’ cases.

It’s a bit embarrassing to ask Fairphone to replace both and a fair size waste of resources.

I may ask them to refund or credit me something and build the inside of cases with silicone etc.

By the way, I am now checking the packages of the two cases I have (one I purchased and got enlarged and the one that I received from Fairphone as a replacement under warranty). First one seems to be the v1 (bio-based TPU) and the second one is v2 (100%recycled TPU). Their texture was also from day one a little bit different. V2 does so far so good. Maybe this enalrgement issue has something to do with the material as well?


I noticed the same thing but just passed it off as an anomaly. Until I dropped it and the screen broke to he point I can now see inside my phone. I bought the official one hoping this would protect me from this sort of thing happening. Think the rubber number with my old fairphone 3 was better.

I would have thought that if the case expands a bit it wouldn’t have any downside if the phone was dropped, unless it fell out of the case ??

For the record, today was the first time I noticed my FP3+ has started to move inside the case (received 20 April 2021), too. As described by others, it moves up and down a tad bit (not sidewards) and the two top corners stand up a bit higher as the middle of the top end (see amoun’s photo for visual illustration).


Mine is about the same age (may 2021) and is also showing the enlargement. I noticed it a month ago. I can move the phone up and down and the upper left corner is a bit higher than the centre. I have got the black cover btw

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I have two phones, both cases are stretched that the phone moves up and down inside. I’'ll wait until the warranty is nearly up maybe but I am about to warn Fairphone that I’ll be on the case one day. :slight_smile:

maybe FF should send out wood cases as default :wink: Wooden phone case to Fairphone 3 and 4!

That wood be lovely, woodn’t it, but they are not so forgiving when dropped on the concrete streets we pave and walk.

I had the enlarging case issue as well (I think I was the first to report it here).
Fairphone gave me a new case in warranty but since that one had the same issue, I gave up.
I used the phone for a few months without a case, but now I found a company which sells 3d printed cellphone cases, also for FP3!
I just received mine today. Quality seems great, it’s very snug polyamide case (SLS). You can choose whatever design you want and you can personalise the case. It cost me 40,15€ all in, about the same as the saggy FP case but snug and personalised.
Check it out, https://www.indimise.com/
I’m not shilling, I’m just happy to have a case again for my phone and want to share this with you fine folks.


An update about the bio-based TPU version: I tried the ‘boil and cool’ method to shrink the case (two times), no avail. The case has still the same enlarged and distorted form.


The Indimise case is still going strong, and my wife and sister have one as well now (and are very happy with them). Mom’s next (for mother’s day).
The difference with the FP case is day and night…


Hello, I have just test the green case for a few month, classic usage and the case still enlarge, I was hoping use another material will solve the issue but it seems none of the material used by Fairphone is non enlarging material (recycled or bio based).

It make me sad for the planet.

Waiting for a replacement to see if the newer blue option is any better. However you seem to have both “(recycled or bio based)”.

However as the planet doesn’t seem to complain, not being a recognised sentient being, then the sadness In have is just that I’m an intaiable consumer, which is embarrasing when I’m alone.

However when I’m in the company of others there’s a joint effort on entertainment as a distraction. Which is what this forum is for, justification on buying yet another product.